DA Series

NMB offers compact, high-speed fans designed for the server, telecom, and medical applications

Image of NMB Technologies Corporation's DA SeriesThe NMB series of 40x28 mm and 60x38 mm DC cooling fans have been designed for the server, telecom, and medical applications; where high-reliability, high-efficiency, and compact spaces represent a challenge for any design engineer. The single-phase motor, featuring NMB ball bearings, allows for longer life and increased efficiency. Tach and PWM are offered as custom options. Designed for applications where expectations of high reliability in compact spaces are a challenge, these NMB fans answer the thermal call in a powerful way.

  • 40x28 mm and 60x38 mm
  • High speed
  • Long life
  • Low noise
  • High efficiency
  • Dual NMB ball bearings
  • CFM range 13.1 ~ 20.1 and 50.5 ~ 66.4

DA Series Fans

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionWidthAvailable QuantityView Details
04028DA-12R-AU-F0 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 40X28MM 12VDC WIRE04028DA-12R-AU-F0FAN AXIAL 40X28MM 12VDC WIRE28.00mm190 - Immediate
04028DA-12R-AU-F0 product page link
06038DA-12S-EU-D0 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 60X38MM 12VDC WIRE06038DA-12S-EU-D0FAN AXIAL 60X38MM 12VDC WIRE38.00mm592 - Immediate
06038DA-12S-EU-D0 product page link
04028DA-12Q-AA-F0 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 40X28MM 12VDC WIRE04028DA-12Q-AA-F0FAN AXIAL 40X28MM 12VDC WIRE28.00mm38 - Immediate
04028DA-12Q-AA-F0 product page link
Published: 2014-04-15