NJL6195R Photodiode Sensor

NJR Corporation/NJRC’s NJL6195R photodiode sensor is suitable for high-sensitivity light-receiving-systems

Image of NJR (New Japan Radio) NJL6195R Photo Diode SensorNJR Corporation/NJRC's NJL6195R photodiode sensor is capable of detecting infrared light and uses molded resin with visible light-cutting functionality. It has wide spectral operation up to infrared light, high sensitivity, and high-speed operation. The NJL6195R has a small package with large light-detecting-PD size, making it suitable for high-sensitivity light-receiving-systems. Its small size is well-suited for applications with limited board space that require a small device size.

  • Leadless surface mount type
  • Size: 3.55 mm x 3.95 mm x 0.8 mm
  • Active area: 2.98 mm x 2.98 mm
  • Wavelength of max. sensitivity: 890 nm
  • Molded resin with visible light cut-off filter
  • Pb-free solder re-flowing permitted: 260°C, two times
  • Pb-free, halogen-free
  • Conformity to RoHS directive
  • Optical switches
  • IR remote controls
  • TOF sensors
  • Energy harvesting light sensors
  • Light barriers and light curtains

NJL6195R Photodiode Sensor

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResponse TimeAvailable QuantityView Details
PHOTO DIODENJL6195R-TE1PHOTO DIODE25ns, 42ns2597 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2020-02-14