Logic, Voltage Translation & Switching

With over 50 years of experience in discretes and logic, Nexperia continues to innovate with compelling solutions for virtually any applications.

Nexperia focuses on efficient miniaturized devices and continues to expand its Standard Logic and Mini Logic portfolios, including for the Automotive sector.

Discover highlights of Nexperia's wide portfolio of logic, translation and switching solutions in leaded and leadless packages. Browse the selection.

Asynchronous Interface Logic

Buffers & Drivers

They include mixed 5 V and 3.3 V applications, with low propagation delay, and improved current drive and signal levels.

Voltage Translators

Bi-directional level shifter and translator circuits act as an interface between applications with different supply voltage and input-output voltage levels.


Noisy signals? Get them clean with our Schmitt triggers. These devices are also useful for reshaping signals in complex layouts, and can prevent multiple switching when driven by slow edges.


I/O Expansion

Analog Switches & Multiplexers/Demultiplexers

From speaker selection in cell phones to sensor selection in industrial process monitoring, Nexperia analog switches fit countless applications. 

Shift Registers

Nexperia high frequency devices are perfect for your control units, general purpose I/O (GPIO) expansion and LED driving applications.

Bus Switches

Whether for telecommunications or industrial control, our bus switch devices help you get the best performance from your system. They offer a choice of level shifting, with low propagation delays.


Synchronous Interface Logic

Counters & Frequency Dividers

Ideal in simple timing applications, binary counters can be used to generate clock signals, frequency divide external clock signals or initiate events after a preset number of clock pulses.


Nexperia D-type and J-K flip-flops offer improved signal integrity with integrated termination resistors.

Latches & Registered Drivers

Built on low power CMOS technology, our registered drivers reduce signal loads on systems such as memory controllers and backplane interfaces.


Control Logic


Top-flight collection of logic gate functions in a variety of package options. Ideal where you need control, PCB miniaturization and routing simplification or as glue logic.

Configurable Gates

Logic gate functions for control / glue logic, PCB miniaturization and routing simplification.

Combination Gates

The integrated gates may be internally connected to generate a specific Boolean function or can remain independent.