NCS6 Series

NCS6 Single Output 6W 4:1 Input DC/DC Converters - Now Available at Digi-Key

NCS6 SeriesMurata Power Solutions' NCS6 Series is a new range of isolated 6 W, 4:1 input, single output DC/DC Converters with input voltage ranges of 9 V to 36 V (12 V nominal) and 18 V to 75 V (48 V nominal) both with under voltage lock out. The new modules are housed in industry-standard packages that allow them to be used as drop-in replacements in existing designs. Single output voltages of 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V and 15 V are available and the NCS6 series achieves a power density of 0.94W/cm3 with efficiency levels from 75%. A metal case helps the new DC/DC Converters achieve high levels of EMI shielding and the encapsulated design gives excellent thermal performance.

  • Wide 4:1 input voltage range
  • Regulated output
  • Typical load regulation of 0.06%
  • Industry standard footprint and pinout
  • 1.5kVDC Isolation
  • Efficiency from 75% (typical 84%)
  • Encapsulated for superior thermal performance
  • UL 94V-0 package materials
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C
Applications Markets
  • Battery powered systems
  • Process control systems
  • Distributed power systems
  • Industrial Automation
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Telecommunications

NCS6 Series DC-DC Converters

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
NCS6S1205C datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 6W 12VIN-5VOUT T/HNCS6S1205CCONVERT DC/DC 6W 12VIN-5VOUT T/H1098 - Immediate
NCS6S1205C product page link
NCS6S1212C datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 6W 12IN-12VOUT T/HNCS6S1212CCONVERT DC/DC 6W 12IN-12VOUT T/H521 - Immediate
NCS6S1212C product page link
NCS6S4805C datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 6W 48IN-5VOUT T/HNCS6S4805CCONVERT DC/DC 6W 48IN-5VOUT T/H306 - Immediate
NCS6S4805C product page link
NCS6S4812C datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 6W 48IN-12VOUT T/HNCS6S4812CCONVERT DC/DC 6W 48IN-12VOUT T/H245 - Immediate
NCS6S4812C product page link
NCS6S1215C datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 6W 12IN-15VOUT T/HNCS6S1215CCONVERT DC/DC 6W 12IN-15VOUT T/H283 - Immediate
NCS6S1215C product page link
NCS6S4815C datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 6W 48IN-15VOUT T/HNCS6S4815CCONVERT DC/DC 6W 48IN-15VOUT T/H15 - Immediate
NCS6S4815C product page link
Published: 2009-10-13