DMS-20RM Series True-rms-AC Voltmeter with Isolated Inputs

DMS-20RM series AC voltmeters from Murata Power Solutions are perfect for applications requiring precise AC line monitoring

DMS-20RM Series True-rms-AC Voltmeter with Isolated InputsMurata Power Solutions' DMS-20RM series is comprised of four-wire, self-contained AC voltmeters that measure and display the true-rms of complex AC waveforms. Since the input circuitry is electrically isolated from the unit’s operating power source, the DMS-20RM can measure signals down to zero volts. No external isolation transformers or auxiliary power supply conditioning components are required. Simply connect the input signal and a source of operating power (85 to 246 VAC or an optional 10 to 40 VAC) to the two rear-mounted terminal blocks, and the unit is fully operational.

DMS-20RM rms voltmeters are available in three input ranges, including 20 VAC with 0.1V resolution, and 0 to 300 VAC with 1V resolution. An input frequency range of 47-1kHz makes these voltmeters ideal for all AC voltage monitoring applications. Additionally, unlike conventional average-responding products, these meters can measure and accurately display the true-rms value of triangle waves, square waves, or other irregularly shaped waveforms with 0.4 percent full-scale accuracy.

The large (0.37”/9.4 mm), bright red LED display makes a DMS-20RM AC voltmeter easily readable from as far as 12 feet (4 meters). All units are packaged in red-filter cases with bullet-size bezels. Additionally, these meters are fully encapsulated to make them moisture and vibration resistant. Their miniature size is perfect for high-end consumer electronics, laboratory instrumentation, alternative power generators, and other products that require precise AC line monitoring.

  • Input circuit fully isolated from operating power supply
  • Fully encapsulated plastic package measures 1.38" x 0.88" (35 mm x 22.4 mm)
  • Large, easy-to-read, red LED display is visible from 12ft (4m)
  • Measures the rms value of complex AC voltages
  • Three input ranges: 20 VAC, 200 VAC, and 300 VAC
  • Two operating supply options: 85-264 VAC or 10-40 VDC
  • 47-1 kHz input frequency range
  • Lead free and RoHS compliant

DMS 20RM Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
DMS-20RM-2-AC1-R-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 0-199.9VAC LED PNL MTDMS-20RM-2-AC1-R-CVOLTMETER 0-199.9VAC LED PNL MT97 - Immediate
DMS-20RM-2-AC1-R-C product page link
DMS-20RM-3-AC1-R-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 0-300VAC LED PANEL MTDMS-20RM-3-AC1-R-CVOLTMETER 0-300VAC LED PANEL MT43 - Immediate
DMS-20RM-3-AC1-R-C product page link
Published: 2010-12-08