XRCGB Series Crystal Resonators

Murata's hybrid quartz crystal combines high precision, small size and low cost

XRCGB Series Crystal ResonatorsMurata's XRCGB crystal family resonators feature quartz crystal elements manufactured by Tokyo Denpa encased in Murata's proven packaging derived from its ceramic resonator technology. This combination creates timing devices that are smaller and less costly than standard quartz crystals while maintaining the precision of quartz.

The XRCGB series benefits from a tiny package size of just 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.7 mm, comparing favorably to its quartz crystal equivalents. These resonators are available in 24, 25, 27, 27.12, 30, 33.86, 40, and 48 MHz frequencies with additional frequencies under development. All of Murata's hybrid crystal resonators now feature four connection pads on their bases, allowing for use on existing 3225 and 2520 board layouts. Additionally, all of Murata's hybrid crystal resonators are RoHS compliant.

Two versions of the XRCGB series are available, the XRCGB-L and XRCGB-M. The XRCGB-L series features initial accuracy of ±100ppm and a +/- 50ppm temperature stability (-30°C to +85°C). The XRCGB-M series features initial accuracy of ±30ppm to +/-40ppm and a +/- 40ppm temperature stability (-30°C to +85°C). At low 24 to 30MHz frequencies, initial tolerance of the XRCGB-M series is ±30ppm. At high 30.1 to 48MHz frequencies, initial tolerance is ±45ppm. Each version offers an attractive cost and small 2016 size with quartz crystal precision.

Features Applications
  • Compatible with existing 3225 and 2520 size board layouts
  • Quartz precision without the cost and large size
  • Available in frequencies from 24 MHz to 48 MHz
  • Small 2016 size (2.0 x 1.6 x 0.7 mm)
  • RoHS compliant
  • USB3.0 / USB 2.0
  • HDMI
  • Ethernet
  • SATA
  • PCI-e

XRCGB Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionView Details
XRCGB24M000F0L00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 24.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB24M000F0L00R0CRYSTAL 24.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB24M000F0L00R0 product page link
XRCGB30M000F0L00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 30.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB30M000F0L00R0CRYSTAL 30.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB30M000F0L00R0 product page link
XRCGB33M868F0L00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 33.8688MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB33M868F0L00R0CRYSTAL 33.8688MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB33M868F0L00R0 product page link
XRCGB48M000F0L00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 48.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB48M000F0L00R0CRYSTAL 48.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB48M000F0L00R0 product page link
XRCGB25M000F0L00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 25.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB25M000F0L00R0CRYSTAL 25.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB25M000F0L00R0 product page link
XRCGB25M000F3M00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 25.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB25M000F3M00R0CRYSTAL 25.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB25M000F3M00R0 product page link
XRCGB30M000F3M00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 30.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB30M000F3M00R0CRYSTAL 30.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB30M000F3M00R0 product page link
XRCGB33M868F4M00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 33.8688MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB33M868F4M00R0CRYSTAL 33.8688MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB33M868F4M00R0 product page link
XRCGB24M000F3M00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 24.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB24M000F3M00R0CRYSTAL 24.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB24M000F3M00R0 product page link
XRCGB27M000F0L00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 27.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB27M000F0L00R0CRYSTAL 27.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB27M000F0L00R0 product page link
XRCGB27M000F3M00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 27.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB27M000F3M00R0CRYSTAL 27.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB27M000F3M00R0 product page link
XRCGB27M120F3M00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 27.1200MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB27M120F3M00R0CRYSTAL 27.1200MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB27M120F3M00R0 product page link
XRCGB40M000F4M00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 40.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB40M000F4M00R0CRYSTAL 40.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB40M000F4M00R0 product page link
XRCGB48M000F4M00R0 datasheet linkCRYSTAL 48.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB48M000F4M00R0CRYSTAL 48.0000MHZ 6PF SMDXRCGB48M000F4M00R0 product page link
Published: 2010-12-16