AAAA, AAA, and AA Battery Holders

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. offers a large selection of AAAA, AAA, and AA battery holders with springs or pressure contacts

Image of Memory Protection Devices' AAAA, AAA, and AA Battery HoldersMPD’s battery holders hold from one to eight batteries and are available with printed circuit pins, wire leads, 9 V type snap fasteners, or solder lugs. Standard connectors can be terminated on the wire leads as an option and are great time savers. MPD’s holders feature series connection, but can be ordered as parallel connections. A few standard products are both series or parallel by design. The bodies are made with either a polypropylene plastic with a UL94-HB flammability rating or a nylon plastic with a UL94-V-0 flammability rating.

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  • Nylon plastic battery holders:
    • Available with printed circuit pins or wire leads for easy yet reliable connections
    • Nylon offers twice the overall strength of PP
    • Significantly higher impact resistance
    • Better overall temperature range
    • UL94-V-0 flammability rating
  • Polypropylene plastic battery holders:
    • Made with nickel plated steel springs
    • Available with PC pins, wire leads, 9 V snap fasteners, or solder lugs
    • UL94-HB flammability rating

AAAA, AAA, and AA Battery Holders

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionBattery Type, FunctionStyleBattery Cell SizeAvailable QuantityView Details
BC22AAW datasheet linkHOLDER BATT 2-AA CELLS WIRE LDSBC22AAWHOLDER BATT 2-AA CELLS WIRE LDSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA18482 - Immediate
12300 - Factory Stock
BC22AAW product page link
BA3AAW datasheet linkHOLDER BATT 3-AA CELLSBA3AAWHOLDER BATT 3-AA CELLSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA5888 - Immediate
2500 - Factory Stock
BA3AAW product page link
BA4AAW datasheet linkHOLDER 4AA CELL W/6 SPRINGLESSBA4AAWHOLDER 4AA CELL W/6 SPRINGLESSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA4222 - Immediate
200 - Factory Stock
BA4AAW product page link
BC12AAL datasheet linkHOLDER BATT 2-AA CELLS SLDR LUGSBC12AALHOLDER BATT 2-AA CELLS SLDR LUGSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA2397 - Immediate
1300 - Factory Stock
BC12AAL product page link
BC2AAAPC datasheet linkHOLDER 2 AAA CELL W/PC PINSBC2AAAPCHOLDER 2 AAA CELL W/PC PINSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AAA2601 - Immediate
3300 - Factory Stock
BC2AAAPC product page link
BC12AAPC datasheet linkHOLDER 2 AA CELL W/PC PINSBC12AAPCHOLDER 2 AA CELL W/PC PINSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA3315 - Immediate
25800 - Factory Stock
BC12AAPC product page link
BC12AAW datasheet linkHOLDER 2 AA CELL W/6 WIRE LEADSBC12AAWHOLDER 2 AA CELL W/6 WIRE LEADSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA1939 - Immediate
2000 - Factory Stock
BC12AAW product page link
6S-AA datasheet linkHOLDER BATTERY AA DELPHI EQUAL6S-AAHOLDER BATTERY AA DELPHI EQUALCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA2170 - Immediate
6900 - Factory Stock
6S-AA product page link
BA2AAW datasheet linkHOLDER BATTERY 2-AA CELLS 6"LDSBA2AAWHOLDER BATTERY 2-AA CELLS 6"LDSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA1374 - Immediate
2100 - Factory Stock
BA2AAW product page link
BA4AAPC datasheet linkHOLDER 4 AA CELL SPRINGLESSBA4AAPCHOLDER 4 AA CELL SPRINGLESSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA619 - Immediate
5100 - Factory Stock
BA4AAPC product page link
BC22AASF datasheet linkHOLDER BATT 2-AA CELLS W/SNAPSBC22AASFHOLDER BATT 2-AA CELLS W/SNAPSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA837 - Immediate
4700 - Factory Stock
BC22AASF product page link
BC22AAL datasheet linkHOLDER BATT 2-AA CELLS SLDR LUGSBC22AALHOLDER BATT 2-AA CELLS SLDR LUGSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA772 - Immediate
2900 - Factory Stock
BC22AAL product page link
BC2AAAL product page link
BC22AAAW datasheet linkHOLDER 2AAA TOP/BTM 6 WIRE LEADBC22AAAWHOLDER 2AAA TOP/BTM 6 WIRE LEADCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AAA884 - Immediate
600 - Factory Stock
BC22AAAW product page link
BA3AAPC datasheet linkHOLDER 3 AA CELL SPRINGLESSBA3AAPCHOLDER 3 AA CELL SPRINGLESSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA0BA3AAPC product page link
BA2AAPC datasheet linkHOLDER 2 CELL AA W/PC PINSBA2AAPCHOLDER 2 CELL AA W/PC PINSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA0BA2AAPC product page link
BC22AAAL datasheet linkHOLDER 2AAA TOP/BOTTOM SLD LUGSBC22AAALHOLDER 2AAA TOP/BOTTOM SLD LUGSCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AAA300 - Factory StockBC22AAAL product page link
BC22AAASF datasheet linkHOLDER 2 AAA TOP/BOTTOMBC22AAASFHOLDER 2 AAA TOP/BOTTOMCylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AAA900 - Factory StockBC22AAASF product page link
BA2AAPC-UL94V-0 datasheet linkBATTERY HOLDER 2 AABA2AAPC-UL94V-0BATTERY HOLDER 2 AACylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA5300 - Factory StockBA2AAPC-UL94V-0 product page link
BA3AAPC-UL94V-0 datasheet linkBATTERY HOLDER 3 AABA3AAPC-UL94V-0BATTERY HOLDER 3 AACylindrical, HolderHolder (Open)AA5600 - Factory StockBA3AAPC-UL94V-0 product page link
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Published: 2015-06-09