SMIA Compliant Camera Sockets

Molex’s Standard Mobile Imaging Architecture Compliant sockets come with an anti-short housing wall design

SMIA Compliant Camera SocketsMolex's space-saving, highly reliable standard mobile imaging architecture (SMIA) compliant camera sockets support ultra-slim mobile phone, tablet PC, and vision system applications. Available in mid- and top-mount designs, these sockets meet a variety of design requirements, including low-profile (space-constrained), single-side PCB, compact footprint, and more. The socket’s dimpled terminals feature reduced contact radius, width, and area, for higher contact pressure and greater electrical reliability during mating. A key-slot feature on the socket housing guides insertion of the camera module in the correct orientation. Each housing has a pick-and-place zone for automated placement during assembly. Parts are packed in tape-and-reel for easy handling and loading.

Video: Camera Sockets for Serial and Parallel Data Applications

Features Applications
  • SMIA-compliant sockets
    • Eliminate compatibility issues when used with non-standard camera modules
    • Make mobile phone camera module selection faster and easier by using PCB-to-socket footprint matching
  • Anti-short housing wall design
    • Prevents electrical shorting between socket terminals and the base metal shell
  • Compact, top- and mid-mount style options
    • Give more choices for ultra-slim device applications requiring optimum space-saving
  • Dimpled terminal design
    • For added contact reliability between camera socket and module
  • Dual-locking latches on socket
    • Position and secure the camera module to socket
  • Key-slot feature
    • Ensures correct orientation of camera module during insertion
  • Automotive
    • GPS navigator with digital camera
  • Consumer
    • Game cameras
    • Pinhole cameras
    • Tablet PCs
    • Webcams
  • Smart phone and mobile devices
    • Mobile phones

SMIA Compliant Camera Sockets

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1050281001 datasheet linkCONN CAM SOCKET 32POS GOLD1050281001CONN CAM SOCKET 32POS GOLD93709 - Immediate
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Published: 2013-10-07