SD Memory Card Connectors

Core micro memory card connector products from Molex

SD Memory Card ConnectorsMolex is a leader in the development of SD memory card connectors for applications such as digital cameras, portable-audio players and other consumer and data communication devices. Molex’s SD card connector development focus is on providing space savings and user-friendly features such as push-push eject designs for smooth card extraction.

Molex Core Micro memory card connectors offer long-term availability and support across a wide variety of industries. By providing faster, smaller, lighter and more cost-effective products, Molex brings a wide range of technology and innovation to the military and aerospace industry. They have developed an array of integrated and custom solutions to assist you in reaching all of your design goals – with exceptional quality, efficiency and reliability – to ensure seamless connectivity in mission critical applications.

  • Secure electrical connection
  • Security and read/write capabilities
  • Accommodates pick-and-place
  • Easy card extraction with tactile feel
  • Card polarization features
  • Gold-plated beveled contacts
  • Prevent incorrect card insertion
  • Protect and detect terminals
  • Compact size
  • Push-push ejector types
  • Mylar tape
  • Space savings
  • Any mobile device
  • Mobile phones
  • PDAs
  • Portable audio players

SD Memory Card Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
1040310811 datasheet linkCONN MICRO SD CARD PUSH-PULL R/A1040310811CONN MICRO SD CARD PUSH-PULL R/A13668 - Immediate
1040310811 product page link
5025700893 datasheet linkCONN MICRO SD CARD PUSH-PUSH R/A5025700893CONN MICRO SD CARD PUSH-PUSH R/A15537 - Immediate
5025700893 product page link
5035000991 datasheet linkCONN SD CARD PUSH-PUSH R/A SMD5035000991CONN SD CARD PUSH-PUSH R/A SMD3839 - Immediate
5035000991 product page link
5033980891 datasheet linkCONN MICRO SD CARD PUSH-PUSH R/A5033980891CONN MICRO SD CARD PUSH-PUSH R/A11477 - Immediate
5033980891 product page link
5027740891 datasheet linkCONN MICRO SD CARD PUSH-PUSH R/A5027740891CONN MICRO SD CARD PUSH-PUSH R/A05027740891 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29