LED Array Holders

Molex and Digi-Key introduce LED array holders

LED Array HoldersUsing unmatched interconnect technology, Molex provides a solderless solution to mounting LED arrays into OEM designs.

LED array holders simplify the LED installation process by eliminating the need for hand or SMT soldering and expensive SMT equipment. The holders will allow customers to install LED arrays quickly into fixtures, enable field replacements and facilitate upgrades to current applications.


  • Compression contacts to power array simplifies the LED installation process by eliminating hand soldering or expensive Surface Mount Technology (SMT)equipment and reduces installation time
  • Double-ended wire-trap terminal to attach power source allows for wiring serial or parallel LED sequences, ensuring ease of array assembly
  • Screw-mount attachment method for securing array to heat sink provides voltage isolation between LED and heat sink
  • Releasable wire trap for rework or replacement allows for field serviceability
  • High-temperature thermoplastic housing supports high heat-generating environments
  • Overall array holder form factor is less than 50.00 mm (1.96") in diameter for ES arrays and 70.00 by 71.00 mm (2.75 by 2.80") for RS arrays is ideal for lamp and small-fixture applications, including MR16 or track lighting
  • Clear LED protective cover is available (ES version only) with a snap-lock feature and the IP66 rated cover provides dust and impact protection; provides flexible design options
  • Snap-lock feature for optional optic provides aiming of light source, per application

LED Array Holders

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
1801500000 datasheet linkLED ARRAY HOLDER1801500000LED ARRAY HOLDER2092 - Immediate
1801500000 product page link
1801500001 datasheet linkLED ARRAY HOLDER W/LENS COVER1801500001LED ARRAY HOLDER W/LENS COVER1680 - Immediate
1801500001 product page link
1801800000 datasheet linkLED ARRAY HOLDER W/O COVER1801800000LED ARRAY HOLDER W/O COVER2278 - Immediate
1801800000 product page link
1803900002 datasheet linkLED ARRAY HOLDER1803900002LED ARRAY HOLDER104 - Immediate
1803900002 product page link
1803300002 datasheet linkLED ARRAY HOLDER1803300002LED ARRAY HOLDER221 - Immediate
1803300002 product page link
Published: 2012-08-30