EXTreme Guardian™ Power Connector System

Molex's EXTreme Guardian™ power connector system has an 11 mm pitch with 80 A per blade

EXTreme Guardian Power Connector SystemMolex's EXTreme Guardian™ header and cable assemblies, previously named EXTreme Power™ Interconnect (EPIC), feature small package sizes with a centerline pitch of 11 mm. The system supports up to 80 A per contact, provides good shielding characteristics in EMI-sensitive environments, and features hot-plugging capabilities and UL safety features.

Headers are available in 2-circuit, single-flanged and 3-circuit, dual-flanged versions. Cable assemblies are available in 3-circuit, straight, shielded and unshielded versions for high-voltage applications and are UL touch-safe. Additionally, the 2-circuit cabled solutions include a straight, unshielded cable assembly; a right- angled, right-entry and left-entry unshielded version, as well as a left-entry shielded variant for space-saving connections to servers installed in confined spaces.

Features Applications
  • High-current density per inch
  • Redundant contact design handles up to 600 V
  • Small centerline spacing of 11 mm
  • Recessed terminals, First-Mate-Last-Break (FMLB)
  • Electric vehicles
  • UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)
  • High-end servers
  • Cellular-base stations

Power Connector System

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
0468190013 datasheet linkTERM BLADE FEMALE 6AWG GOLD0468190013TERM BLADE FEMALE 6AWG GOLD3459 - Immediate
0468190013 product page link
0468171002 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 2POS 11.00MM R/A SLDR0468171002CONN PLUG 2POS 11.00MM R/A SLDR341 - Immediate
0468171002 product page link
0468190011 datasheet linkTERM BLADE FEMALE 10AWG GOLD0468190011TERM BLADE FEMALE 10AWG GOLD5522 - Immediate
0468190011 product page link
0468171000 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 3POS 11.00MM R/A SLDR0468171000CONN PLUG 3POS 11.00MM R/A SLDR337 - Immediate
0468171000 product page link
1510340014 datasheet linkGUARDIAN II RCPT HSG 6AWG PBT 4C1510340014GUARDIAN II RCPT HSG 6AWG PBT 4C127 - Immediate
1510340014 product page link
1510530002 datasheet linkGUARDIAN II VT PLUG 0.76AU 2CKT1510530002GUARDIAN II VT PLUG 0.76AU 2CKT538 - Immediate
1510530002 product page link
1510530004 datasheet linkGUARDIAN II PLUG VT S/BLADE 0.761510530004GUARDIAN II PLUG VT S/BLADE 0.76445 - Immediate
1510530004 product page link
0468190012 datasheet linkTERM BLADE FEMALE 8AWG GOLD0468190012TERM BLADE FEMALE 8AWG GOLD00468190012 product page link
1510340012 datasheet linkGUARDIAN II RCPT HSG 6AWG PBT 2C1510340012GUARDIAN II RCPT HSG 6AWG PBT 2C233 - Immediate
1510340012 product page link
1510760012 datasheet linkGUARDIAN II TPA PBT 2CKT1510760012GUARDIAN II TPA PBT 2CKT717 - Immediate
1510760012 product page link
1510760014 datasheet linkGUARDIAN II TPA PBT 4CKT1510760014GUARDIAN II TPA PBT 4CKT950 - Immediate
1510760014 product page link
Published: 2012-07-16