Bezel Adapters

Molex's Bezel adapters are designed to be versatile in allowing the use of different adapters utilizing the same panel cut-out

Bezel AdaptersThe bezel adapter system from Molex provides many advantages when deploying various fiber optic adapters on equipment front and/or back panels. These versatile bezels are designed to permit the use of different adapters utilizing the same panel cutout. Offered in simplex and duplex versions, protection from dust or contamination and laser safety is achieved by a hinged shutter, integrated on the bezel's front face.

The complete bezel can be removed for cleaning of the adapter or to change the style of adapter used on the panel. The spring-loaded shutters are also available with an optional push-tab that provides an easy way to open the shutter in tight spaces with a simple push of the finger.

Most Bezel Adapter Systems come pre-loaded with the adapter style of choice. Simplex designs are available in hybrid-metalized adapter versions such as the ST/SC and the FC/SC, Molex's SC small flange plastic adapters, and in Molex's LC duplex adapter with small flange design. The MTP adapter is also available for use with the simplex adapter version for high-density fiber count applications. The duplex bezel accommodates the SC duplex-style adapter. All adapters are available with ceramic or metal alignment sleeves.

  • Shuttered doors
  • Simplex and duplex styles
  • One panel cut-out
  • Provides eye protection from laser radiation, as well as dust protection
  • Multiple styles available
  • Accepts wide variety of adapters

Bezel Adapters

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
1060043288 datasheet linkCONN COUPLER MTP-MTP SIMPLEX1060043288CONN COUPLER MTP-MTP SIMPLEX51 - Immediate
1060043288 product page link
1060043088 datasheet linkCONN COUPLR RCPT MTP-MTP SIMPLEX1060043088CONN COUPLR RCPT MTP-MTP SIMPLEX3 - Immediate
1060043088 product page link
1060043298 datasheet linkCONN COUPLER MTP-MTP SIMPLEX1060043298CONN COUPLER MTP-MTP SIMPLEX2 - Immediate
1060043298 product page link
Published: 2013-01-04