810 Series Spring-Loaded Connectors

Mill-Max's horizontal SMT spring-loaded connectors are ideal for low-profile spring interconnections

810 Series Spring-Loaded ConnectorsMill-Max's 810 series horizontal SMT spring-loaded connectors are ideal for low profile spring interconnections that are parallel to the board surface. Applications include recharging modules, grounding points, test points, and board edge-to-edge interfaces.

Utilizing Mill-Max’s state-of-the-art, high quality precision-machining technology, these durable spring pins are designed to assure a 1 million cycle life minimum. Rated at 2 A continuous (3 A peak), the pins are plated 20μ" gold over nickel on the piston and base with 10μ" gold over nickel plating on the beryllium copper internal spring.

The .045" (1.14 mm) mid-stroke allows for .025" (.64 mm) more travel than most standard-series spring pins, yet the overall length when compressed to mid-stroke is a compact .252" (6.4 mm). Additionally, the pins are mounted on .100" (2.54 mm) pitch in high-temperature thermoplastic insulators—suitable for all typical reflow soldering processes. These highly reliable horizontal surface mount spring pin connectors are available in up to 10 positions.

810 Series Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
810-22-004-40-001101 datasheet linkCONN SPRING 4POS SNGL SMD810-22-004-40-001101CONN SPRING 4POS SNGL SMD607 - Immediate
810-22-004-40-001101 product page link
810-22-010-40-001101 datasheet linkCONN SPRING 10POS SNGL SMD810-22-010-40-001101CONN SPRING 10POS SNGL SMD3620 - Immediate
810-22-010-40-001101 product page link
810-22-003-40-001101 datasheet linkCONN SPRING 3POS SNGL SMD810-22-003-40-001101CONN SPRING 3POS SNGL SMD752 - Immediate
810-22-003-40-001101 product page link
810-22-005-40-001101 datasheet linkCONN SPRING 5POS SNGL SMD810-22-005-40-001101CONN SPRING 5POS SNGL SMD453 - Immediate
810-22-005-40-001101 product page link
810-22-008-40-001101 datasheet linkCONN SPRING 8POS SNGL SMD810-22-008-40-001101CONN SPRING 8POS SNGL SMD0810-22-008-40-001101 product page link
810-22-006-40-001101 datasheet linkCONN SPRING 6POS SNGL SMD810-22-006-40-001101CONN SPRING 6POS SNGL SMD0810-22-006-40-001101 product page link
Published: 2010-06-16