804 and 805 Connectors Series

Mill-Max Introduces triple row header strips and triple row solder tail socket strips

Image of Mill-Max's 804 and 805 Connectors SeriesMill-Max's 804 and 805 series interconnects are ideal for high pin count I/O and board-to-board applications. The triple row pin field allows for signal connections to be more densely packaged. Also, placing and soldering one connector rather than three SIP sockets or a single and double row combination increases assembly efficiency and improves positional accuracy. This triple row package, on 0.100" grid, is available from nine to 96 position configurations (ordered in increments of three).

The 804 and 805 series connectors are RoHS compliant featuring high temperature thermoplastic insulators compatible with lead free soldering temperature requirements. The receptacle shells of the 805 series socket pins are plated with 200 u" pure matte tin. Hard gold plating, on both the 804 series header pins (10 u") and the 805 series receptacle internal contacts (30 u") provides optimum conductivity and effective wear resistance.

All Mill-Max pin headers and receptacle sockets feature high-speed screw-machined pins and receptacles manufactured to precision tolerances. Inside each 805 series receptacle is a precision stamped beryllium copper Mill-Max #47 contact clip with a pin acceptance range of 0.025-0.037" diameter or a 0.025" square post and a current rating of 4.5 amps.

804 Connector Header Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
804-10-096-10-002000 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 96POS .100" 3ROW T/H804-10-096-10-002000CONN HEADER 96POS .100" 3ROW T/H159 - Immediate
804-10-096-10-002000 product page link
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805 Connector Socket Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
805-43-096-10-012000 datasheet linkCONN SOCKET 96POS .100" 3ROW T/H805-43-096-10-012000CONN SOCKET 96POS .100" 3ROW T/H348 - Immediate
805-43-096-10-012000 product page link
805-43-075-10-012000 datasheet linkCONN SOCKET 75POS .100" 3ROW T/H805-43-075-10-012000CONN SOCKET 75POS .100" 3ROW T/H2 - Immediate
805-43-075-10-012000 product page link
Published: 2011-04-14