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Microchip offers a broad family of interface products including Real-Time Clock/Calendar, CAN Communicaion, Ethernet, I/O Expanders, Infrared, LIN Bus Transceivers, and USB.

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The MCP2561/2FD is a Microchip Technology Inc. second-generation high-speed CAN transceiver. It offers the same features as the MCP2561/2. Additionally, it guarantees Loop Delay Symmetry in order to support the higher data rates required for CAN FD. The maximum propagation delay was improved to support longer bus length.

The device meets the automotive requirements for CAN FD bit rates exceeding 5 Mbps, low quiescent current, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD).  The device family members are: • MCP2561FD with SPLIT pin • MCP2562FD with VIO pin.


CAN Network Application Diagram

MCP2561 Diagram

Part Number Description    
MCP2561FD CAN Flexible Data Rate Transceiver Datasheet MCP2561FD MCP2561FD Product Page
MCP2562FD CAN Flexible Data Rate Transceiver Datasheet MCP2562FD MCP2562FD Product Page




The UCS2113 is a dual USB port power switch configuration which can provide 3.0 A continuous current (3.4 A maximum) per VBUS port with precision overcurrent limiting (OCL), port power switch enables, auto-recovery fault handling, under voltage and overvoltage lockout, back-drive protection and back-voltage protection, and thermal protection.

The UCS2113 is well suited for both stand-alone and applications having SMBus/I2C communications. For applications with SMBus, the UCS2113 provides per-port current monitoring and eight programmable current limits per switch, ranging from 0.53 A to 3.0 A continuous current (3.4 A maximum). Per-port charge rationing is also provided ranging from 3.8 mAh to 246.3 Ah. In stand-alone mode, the UCS2113 provides eight current limits for both switches, ranging from 0.53 A + 0.53 A to 3 A + 3 A total continuous current.

Both power switches include an independent VBUS discharge function and constant current mode current limiting for BC1.2 applications.

The UCS2113 is available in a 4x4 mm 20-pin QFN package.


Block Diagram

UCS2113 Diagram

Part Number Description    
UCS2113 IC USB Power Switch 20QFN Datasheet UCS2112 UCS2112 Product Page

UCS2113 vs. UCS2112

Key Feature Differences Implemented:

  • Compatible with Microchip hubs supporting single pin power control feature (a single pin connected to PWR_EN and ALERT pins of the UCS)
  • Modified thermal protection circuit allows the UCS2113 to operate at a higher die temperature than the UCS2112
  • Configurable VBUS discharge
    • Allows option to ENABLE or DISABLE
      • If disabled (by default and recommended for compatibility with the Microchip hubs), VBUS discharge can be set manually by SMBus master. No timer.
  • Removal of attach/removal detection function


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