AC164160 Secure IoT Sensor Node

Microchip's AC164160 is AVR®-based IoT evaluation board with Wi-Fi connectivity to the Google Cloud

Image of Microchip's AC164160 IoT Sensor Node The AC164160 IoT sensor node board from Microchip Technology is a compact and inexpensive evaluation and development board based on the AVR ATmega4808 microcontroller, ATECC608 secure element, and WINC1510 network controller to demonstrate the easy migration of bare metal embedded control applications to the Google Cloud. This IoT solution is used with the ATMEGA4808 and the PIC18F devices.

As the world continues to become more interconnected, secure connections are becoming a universal need for all embedded applications. Whether they are connecting to other systems, a smartphone, or the Cloud, these applications require security to provide IP, brand, and revenue protection which is critically important in an era where hackers are prevalent and competition is fierce. The AC164160 IoT sensor node solves these problems enabling seamless migration of the user's embedded sensor application to the Cloud. There is no in-depth networking expertise required and no security compromises. A modular development platform including Microchip’s START, MCC, Atmel Studio, and MPLAB X software, robustness, and low power makes this the ideal solution for a user's next IoT design.

Tools and Software Ecosystem
  • Direct connection to the Google Cloud, pre-provisioned with a free sandbox account
  • Light and precise temperature sensor (MCP9808) are provided for convenience and demonstration
  • mikroBUS™ connector provides access to 500+ additional sensors and actuators
  • A Li-Po battery connects to power the device and charges via USB interface
  • USB serial port bridge is provided for diagnostic and to support a command line interface
  • USB mass storage interface allows easy (drag-n-drop) update of the microcontroller Flash memory and configuration/reconfiguration of Wi-Fi credentials
  • Smart cities
    • Air quality
    • Traffic forecasts
    • Traffic modulation
  • Health
    • Blood pressure
    • Heart rates
    • Oxygen levels
  • Smarthome and building automation
    • Intelligent lighting
    • Access controls
    • Climate controls
    • Energy saving

AC164160 IoT Sensor Node

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Published: 2018-10-10