Standard Recovery Rectifiers and Thyristor Modules

MCC offers its rectifiers and thyristor modules featuring a power rating up to 250 A, 1600 V

Image of MCC's Standard Recovery Rectifier and Thyristor ModulesBy using core advantage of photo glass wafer and vacuum assembly processes, MCC's power modules offer high reliability performances and are suitable for critical high power industrial application fields. With guaranteed avalanche capability, MCC's parts behave more robustly under any hostile environments. The thyristor and rectifier combo availability makes some design easier.

  • High power rating up to 250 A, 1600 V
  • Guaranteed avalanche capability
  • Rectifier and thyristor combo available
  • Vacuum soldering process minimizes the voids
  • RoHS compliant
  • Glass passivated junction

Thyristor Modules

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MT110C16T1-BP datasheet linkMOD SCR DUAL 110A 1600V T1MT110C16T1-BPMOD SCR DUAL 110A 1600V T110 - Immediate
MT110C16T1-BP product page link
MT110CB16T1-BP datasheet linkMOD SCR/DIODE 110A 1600V T1MT110CB16T1-BPMOD SCR/DIODE 110A 1600V T10MT110CB16T1-BP product page link
MT130C16T2-BP datasheet linkMOD SCR DUAL 130A 1600V T2MT130C16T2-BPMOD SCR DUAL 130A 1600V T210 - Immediate
MT130C16T2-BP product page link
MT130CB16T2-BP datasheet linkMOD SCR/DIODE 130A 1600V T2MT130CB16T2-BPMOD SCR/DIODE 130A 1600V T210 - Immediate
MT130CB16T2-BP product page link
MT160C16T2-BP datasheet linkMOD SCR DUAL 160A 1600V T2MT160C16T2-BPMOD SCR DUAL 160A 1600V T27 - Immediate
MT160C16T2-BP product page link
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Bridge Rectifiers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionDiode TypeTechnologyAvailable QuantityView Details
MD100S16M2-BP datasheet linkBRIDGE RECT 1600V 100A M2 PACMD100S16M2-BPBRIDGE RECT 1600V 100A M2 PACThree PhaseStandard130 - Immediate
MD100S16M2-BP product page link
MD100S16M3-BP datasheet linkBRIDGE RECT 1600V 100A M3 PACMD100S16M3-BPBRIDGE RECT 1600V 100A M3 PACThree PhaseStandard0MD100S16M3-BP product page link
MD100S16M4-BP datasheet linkBRIDGE RECT 1600V 100A M4 PACMD100S16M4-BPBRIDGE RECT 1600V 100A M4 PACThree PhaseStandard12 - Immediate
MD100S16M4-BP product page link
MD100S16M5-BP datasheet linkBRIDGE RECT 1600V 100A M5 PACMD100S16M5-BPBRIDGE RECT 1600V 100A M5 PACThree PhaseStandard5 - Immediate
MD100S16M5-BP product page link
MD130S16M3-BP datasheet linkBRIDGE RECT 1600V 130A M3 PACMD130S16M3-BPBRIDGE RECT 1600V 130A M3 PACThree PhaseStandard12 - Immediate
MD130S16M3-BP product page link
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Diodes, Rectifiers - Arrays

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionDiode ConfigurationDiode TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
MF200DU06FJ-BP datasheet linkMF200DU06FJ-BPDIODE FRED 600V 100A FJ SOT2272 IndependentStandard23 - Immediate
MF200DU06FJ-BP product page link
MD100A16D1-BP datasheet linkMD100A16D1-BPDIODE RECT 1600V 100A D1 PAC1 Pair Common AnodeStandard0MD100A16D1-BP product page link
MD100C16D1-BP datasheet linkMD100C16D1-BPDIODE RECT 1600V 100A D1 PAC1 Pair Series ConnectionStandard20 - Immediate
MD100C16D1-BP product page link
MD100K16D1-BP datasheet linkMD100K16D1-BPDIODE RECT 1600V 100A D1 PAC1 Pair Common CathodeStandard6 - Immediate
MD100K16D1-BP product page link
MD120A16D1-BP datasheet linkMD120A16D1-BPDIODE RECT 1600V 120A D1 PAC1 Pair Common AnodeStandard14 - Immediate
MD120A16D1-BP product page link
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Published: 2016-04-13