MAX77324 Ultra-Small, Highly Efficient Buck Converter

Maxim's MAX77324 1.5 A ultra-small, highly efficient buck converter is optimal for portable, space-constrained battery-operated applications

Image of Maxim's MAX77324 1.5 A Ultra-Small, Highly Efficient Buck ConverterMaxim’s MAX77324 is an efficient, single-channel syn­chronous step-down (buck) converter capable of deliver­ing up to 1.5 A of current. The converter operates over a 2.5 V to 4.8 V input voltage range to support Li+ battery powered applications, while the output voltage is adjustable from 0.6 V to 2 V and has bet­ter than 2% accuracy over the whole temperature range.

The device uses a constant-on-time PWM control scheme. A nominal 2 MHz switching frequency reduces the over­all solution footprint by use of a small 0603 inductor. An automatic SKIP mode is also implemented to improve the light-load efficiency. The device provides low output voltage ripple, excellent line and load regulation, and tran­sient response. A dedicated enable pin allows for simple hardware control.

Built-in undervoltage lockout (UVLO), soft-start, active output discharge, cycle-by-cycle short-circuit, and thermal shutdown protections ensure safe operations under abnormal operating conditions.

With a 6.89 mm2 total solution size, up to 93% efficiency, and 40 μA quiescent current, it is optimized for portable space-constrained battery-operated applications.

  • 1.5 A output current step-down converter
  • 2.5 V to 4.8 V VIN range
  • 0.6 V to 2 V adjustable VOUT range, ±2% accuracy
  • 93% peak efficiency (3.8 VIN, 1.8 VOUT)
  • 2 MHz nominal switching frequency
  • Portable/wearables
  • Space-constrained equipment
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • 1-cell battery powered equipment

MAX77324 Ultra-Small, Highly Efficient Buck Converter

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IC REG BUCK PWM 1.5A 6WLPMAX77324EWTAD+TIC REG BUCK PWM 1.5A 6WLP732500 - Factory StockView Details

Evaluation Board

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EVAL MAX77324 BUCK 1.5AMAX77324EVKIT#EVAL MAX77324 BUCK 1.5A1, Non-Isolated33 - Factory StockView Details
Published: 2018-07-27