Climatherm® Series Air-to-Air Assemblies

Marlow's air-to-air assemblies are IP55 rated and RoHS-compliant

Image of Marlow's Climatherm air-to-air assembliesMarlow's Climatherm (CTA) air-to-air assemblies offer a durable solution to protect electronics under extreme conditions. They are designed with cooling performance up to 250 W in a lightweight, compact package. The Climatherm assembly cores implement Marlow's innovative thermoelectric technology, optimized for high performance and reliability.

Features Applications
  • RoHS EU compliant
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Solid-state construction
  • High efficiency heat transfer
  • Advanced heat sink design
  • IP55 rated fans
  • No CFC refrigerants
  • DC powered
  • Maintenance-free
  • Electronic enclosure cooling
  • Food and beverage storage
  • Back-up battery system cabinet cooling
  • Analytical and diagnostic instrumentation
  • Industrial precision cooling applications
Published: 2017-08-30