Nano2® 600 V DC 485 Series Fast-Acting Fuse

Littelfuse 485 series fuses are compact, surface-mount, 600 VDC fuses for overcurrent protection of high-voltage DC circuits and applications

Image of Littelfuse's Nano2® 600 VDC 485 Series Fast-Acting FuseThe Nano2 485 series fuse from Littelfuse is a compact, surface-mountable 600 VDC fuse for overcurrent protection of high-voltage DC circuits and applications. Its fast-acting blow characteristics ensure high-speed protection against surge currents and overload conditions. The 485 series fuse offers circuit designers a more compact, more cost-competitive alternative to traditional larger, through-hole-type 600 VDC fuses for creating cost-effective designs. It is available with current ratings from 500 mA to 3.15 A.

Applications include PC server and telecom systems, LCD TV inverter boards DC input protection, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) / 3-phase power supplies, and 380 VDC server / lighting in data center.

Features Benefits
  • Fast-acting, surface-mount fuse for high-voltage applications (up to 600 VDC)
  • High-operating temperature range from -55°C to +125°C
  • Fully compatible with lead-free solder alloys and higher-temperature profiles associated with lead-free assembly
  • Relatively high-breaking capacity at 100 A
  • Rating: 0.5 A to 3.15 A
  • RoHS-compliant / halogen-free
  • UL agency approval
  • Lowers total cost of power supply design with SMT installation
  • Supports high-voltage DC power architectures for state-of-the-art, high-efficiency datacenters
  • High interrupt capability allows protection of high-wattage power supply architectures driving next-generation efficient datacenters
  • High-reliability design and high-operating temperature range support for demanding mission-critical power systems

485 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
04853.15DR datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 3.15A 600VDC 2SMD04853.15DRFUSE BOARD MNT 3.15A 600VDC 2SMD13948 - Immediate
04853.15DR product page link
0485001.DR datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 1A 600VDC 2SMD0485001.DRFUSE BOARD MOUNT 1A 600VDC 2SMD3493 - Immediate
0485001.DR product page link
0485002.DR datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 2A 600VDC 2SMD0485002.DRFUSE BOARD MOUNT 2A 600VDC 2SMD2688 - Immediate
0485002.DR product page link
048501.5DR datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 1.5A 600VDC 2SMD048501.5DRFUSE BOARD MNT 1.5A 600VDC 2SMD1494 - Immediate
048501.5DR product page link
048502.5DR datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 2.5A 600VDC SMD048502.5DRFUSE BOARD MOUNT 2.5A 600VDC SMD1098 - Immediate
048502.5DR product page link
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Published: 2013-08-15