TechSil Conductive Elastomers

Leader Tech's conductive elastomers come in many compositions and forms

Image of Leader Tech's TechSil Conductive ElastomersLeader Tech’s TechSIL conductive elastomers are made from several different polymers and are mixed with six different types of fillers. These blended materials will allow you to use the same gasket as an environmental seal and for superior EMI shielding. Leader Tech’s TechSIL products have superior shielding properties and ensure a long performance life. They offer several different manufacturing methods that will also insure that the most cost effective method is utilized to produce the gaskets.

  • Excellent shielding effectiveness
  • Excellent as an EMI shield and environmental gasket, which allows for better use of space
  • Many different profiles and shapes available to meet specific project requirements
  • Low compression forces achievable with hollow gaskets
  • Available with many different mounting methods
  • Leader Tech is approved on all 12 MIL-DTL-83528 materials
  • Made in the U.S.A. which allows for short lead-times, prototyping, and ITAR compliance
  • Many different materials available to insure galvanic compatibility
Core Markets    
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Commercial
  • Integrated communications

Conductive Elastomers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionWidthAvailable QuantityView Details
5401-0001-20-300 datasheet linkM83528/001B001, AG/AL FILLED SIL5401-0001-20-300M83528/001B001, AG/AL FILLED SIL0.040" (1.02mm)1 - Immediate
5401-0001-20-300 product page link
5401-0001-40-300 datasheet linkM83528/001D001, AG/AL FILLED FLO5401-0001-40-300M83528/001D001, AG/AL FILLED FLO0.040" (1.02mm)12 - Immediate
5401-0001-40-300 product page link
5401-0001-60-300 datasheet linkNI/C FILLED SILICONE; 0.04" DIA.5401-0001-60-300NI/C FILLED SILICONE; 0.04" DIA.0.040" (1.02mm)2 - Immediate
5401-0001-60-300 product page link
5401-0003-20-300 datasheet linkM83528/001B003, AG/AL FILLED SIL5401-0003-20-300M83528/001B003, AG/AL FILLED SIL0.062" (1.57mm)3 - Immediate
5401-0003-20-300 product page link
5401-0003-40-300 datasheet linkM83528/001D003, AG/AL FILLED FLO5401-0003-40-300M83528/001D003, AG/AL FILLED FLO0.062" (1.57mm)6 - Immediate
5401-0003-40-300 product page link
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Published: 2017-06-27