Platform Manager Devices

Programmable analog power management devices from Lattice Semiconductor

Platform Manager™ DevicesLattice Semiconductor’s Platform Manager™ devices feature programmable analog, with a CPLD and FPGA blocks all on one chip to integrate power and digital board management functions. The Platform Manager provides a flexible solution that can be used across a wide variety of systems as a standard instead of unique combinations of ICs for each design.

By integrating power and digital support functions, Platform Manager devices provide a lower-cost solution than traditional approaches. They also improve system reliability and provide a high degree of design flexibility, minimizing the risk of circuit board re-spins.

A Platform Manager Development Kit is also available. This kit contains an evaluation board complete with evaluation code and documentation. The kit enables users to see known good hardware in five minutes, and to recompile the provided source code to get to a known good starting point in only 30 minutes.

  • PLD Resources Integrate Power & Digital Functions
    • 48-macrocell CPLD
    • 640-LUT4 FPGA
    • Up to 6.1 Kbits distributed RAM
    • Up to 107 digital I/Os
    • LVCMOS 3.3/2.5/1.8/1.5/1.2
    • LVTTL
    • Open-drain outputs
  • High-Voltage FET Drivers Enable Integration
    • 4 N-channel MOSFET drivers
    • Power supply ramp control
    • Programmable current and voltage
    • Open drain output support
  • Precision Voltage Monitoring Increases Reliability
    • 12 analog monitor inputs
    • Differential input sensing
    • Over/under voltage detection
    • Window comparison options
    • 10-bit voltage measurement ADC
  • System Level Support
    • Single 3.3 V supply operation
    • Industrial temperature range
  • In-System Re-programmability Reduces Risk
    • On-chip configuration memory
    • JTAG programming interface

Platform Manager Devices

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
LPTM10-12107-3FTG208I datasheet linkIC PLATFORM MANAGER 208FTGBALPTM10-12107-3FTG208IIC PLATFORM MANAGER 208FTGBA47 - Immediate
LPTM10-12107-3FTG208I product page link
LPTM10-1247-3TG128C datasheet linkIC PLATFORM MANAGER 128TQFPLPTM10-1247-3TG128CIC PLATFORM MANAGER 128TQFP32 - Immediate
LPTM10-1247-3TG128C product page link
LPTM10-1247-3TG128I datasheet linkIC PLATFORM MANAGER 128TQFPLPTM10-1247-3TG128IIC PLATFORM MANAGER 128TQFP42 - Immediate
LPTM10-1247-3TG128I product page link
LPTM10-12107-3FTG208C datasheet linkIC PLATFORM MANAGER 208FTGBALPTM10-12107-3FTG208CIC PLATFORM MANAGER 208FTGBA81 - Immediate
LPTM10-12107-3FTG208C product page link
LPTM10-12107-DEV-EVN product page link
Published: 2013-04-18