Low Power, Small Footprint, Great Value

Industry Leading Ultra Low Density FPGA Portfolio

Lattice provides the most complete and comprehensive portfolio of ultra low density FPGAs - suitable for applications ranging from instant-on system control, flexible I/O expansion, to those that require ultra low cost and low power with optimized features for glue logic and bridging. From mobile handsets to leading-edge telecommunications infrastructure, Lattice offers a solution that minimizes cost and power while maximizing value. Two great complementary families to solve the range of system level issues that are faced by designers.

Two Families Providing the Most Benefits in the Ultra Low Density FPGA Segment

  • Affordability
    • Optimized for a wide variety of cost sensitive applications
  • Ultra-Low Power
    • Power as low as 25μA static
  • Feature Rich
    • Instant-on, power up in less than 1ms
    • Pre-engineered source synchronous I/O supports DDR, DDRX2, DDRX4
    • Optimized for HD quality video – MIPI-DBI/DPI
  • Broad Package Portfolio with Choices of Ultra Small Footprint and Highest I/O
    • Footprints as small as 2.5 x 2.5 mm
    • Up to 334 I/O
    • 0.4 mm BGA pitch suited for smartphones and tablet applications

iCE40: Best Value, Smallest Footprint, Lowest Power

  LP Series (Low Power) HX Series (High Performance)
Feature LP384 LP1K LP4K LP8K HX1K HX4K HX8K
Look Up Tables (LUTs) 384 1280 3520 7680 1280 3520 7680
Embedded RAM Bits 0 64K 80K 128K 64K 80K 128K
Phase-Locked Loops 0 1 2 2 1 2 2
Typical Core Current (μA) 21 100 360 360 267 667 1100

iCE40 Graph Picture


iCE40 FPGAs offer the industry’s most affordable ultra low density FPGA. Using a 40nm process with unique non-volatile configuration memory, The iCE40 family is optimized for cost sensitive applications including smartphones, digital cameras, tablets and any other applications requiring cost sensitive glue logic and bridging. With standby currents as low as 10μA, iCE40 FPGAs enable designers of power constrained devices to quickly and easily bring new features and capabilities to market. Available in the world’s smallest plastic 0.4mm pitch BGA packages, the iCE40 family offers significant savings in board space.

Ultra-low power

Maximum battery life is critical for mobile handheld applications. Lattice iCE40 FPGAs have been optimized to achieve low power at any speed.

Lattice WLCSP

Advanced Small Form Factors

iCE40 FPGAs use the most advanced packaging technology available to meet the aggressive requirements of mobile, portable and extremely space-constrained devices. iCE40 FPGAs are available in packages as small as 2.5 x 2.5mm, allowing designers to quickly integrate more functionality into a significantly smaller space.

MachXO2: Best I/O and Embedded Functionality

Feature XO2-
Density LUTs 256 640 640 1280 1280 2112 2112 4320 6864
EBR RAM (Kbits) 0 18 64 64 74 74 92 92 240
EBR RAM Blocks (9 Kbits/block) 0 2 7 7 8 8 10 10 26
Dist. SRAM (Kbits) 2 5 5 10 10 16 16 34 54
User Flash Memory (Kbits) 0 24 64 64 80 80 96 96 256
PLL 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 2 2
  Typical Static Power
ZE (mW) 0.019 0.033   0.070   0.098   0.153 0.230
HC (mW) 4 7 13 13 18 18 32 32 48
HE (mW)           2 3 3 5

MachX02 Picture


MachXO2 FPGAs are designed to offer an unprecedented mix of low cost and high functionality in a single device. Through the use of 65nm embedded Flash technology and innovative design, MachXO2 devices deliver high system performance, a robust architecture, support for enhanced I/O features, on-chip User Flash Memory, onchip regulator, hardened control functions and flexible security features.

On-chip Flash Memory

  • Storage for both user data and device logic configuration
  • Non-volatile, instant-on (less than 1ms) and in a single device – all while maintaining reprogrammability
Core Logice Picture

Embedded Function Blocks

  • Hard implementations of two I2C and one SPI interface cores, and a timer/counter
  • All functions are accessible both externally and within the device
MachX02 Core Logic Picture

sysIO™ Buffers

  • Programmable sysIO supports a wide range of interfaces
  • Input hysteresis, hot socketing and on-chip differential termination

Advanced Clocking Technology

  • Full featured PLL
  • On-chip oscillator with +/-5% accuracy and 2-133MHz operation
sysClock PPL Picture

Asymmetrical I/O Banking

  • Each device has asymmetrical I/O banks to flexibly connect to different interfaces
  • Supports 1.2, 2.5 or 3.3V core voltages
IOBanking Picture

Development Kits and Evaluation Boards

Evaluation Board Picture

Lattice offers a number of development kits and evaluation boards that provide a complete and easy-to-use platform to evaluate the performance of the iCE40 and MachXO2 families, or aid in the development of custom designs.

Product Device Description
Evaluation Kit
iCE40LP1K, iCE40HX1K Low-cost platform for the low-power iCE40 FPGA
  • USB programming, debugging, Virtual I/O
  • Four capacitive-touch buttons & LEDs
  • 1 Mbit SPI serial configuration PROM
Evaluation Kit
iCE40HX8K Easy-to-use platform for rapidly prototyping iCE40 FPGAs
  • USB programming, debugging, Virtual I/O
  • Four LEDs, 27MHz and 32kHz clock sources
MachXO2 Pico
Development Kit
XO2-1200ZE Low-cost development platform for MachXO2
  • Battery or or USB power
  • 4-character LCD Display, capacitive touch buttons
Breakout Board
LCMXO2-7000HE-B-EVN Simple low-cost board that provides complete I/O access to the MachXO2
  • LEDs, Prototyping Area
  • USB power and programming
  • Downloadable demos
MachXO2 Control Development Kit XO2-4000HC Full featured MachXO2 development platform for system control
  • XO2-4000HC FPGA with 4320 LUTs
  • Up to two 7:1 LVDS sources and one output
  • 128 Mbit LPDDR memory and 4Mbit SPI Flash
  • Current and voltage sensor circuits,
  • MicroSD memory card socket, expansion headers
Diamond-E-12M Development Software Lattice Diamond design software offers leading-edge design and implementation tools optimized for cost sensitive, low-power Lattice FPGA architectures.
Diamond-I-12M Disk Diamond software on DVD media. Does not include Diamond license.
ALDEC-USBKEY USB Key Floating License
HW-USBN-2A Hardware USB programming cable
HW-DLN-3C Hardware Parallel port programming cable


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