AGILUS KR 6 R900-2 Robot Kit

KUKA’s robotics kits are versatile and can be used for a number of applications

Image of KUKA Robotics AGILUS KR6 R900-2 Robot KitKUKA Robotics Corporation's AGILUS series is a comprehensive family of small robots. The performance of the KR AGILUS robots is unrivaled in their payload categories. Furthermore, the robots feature six axes, high speed, short cycle times, and an integrated energy supply system. They can perform even unusual tasks in any installation position.

All KR AGILUS models are operated with the service-proven KR C4 compact or KR C4 smallsize-2, the universal control technology for all KUKA robot models.

The KR AGILUS-2 has six axes and is consistently rated for particularly high working speeds without sacrificing extreme precision. Low space requirements and installation in any position make the KR AGILUS-2 extremely adaptable. The KR AGILUS-2 impresses with reduced disruptive contours and the reliable supply of energy to tools KUKA small robots are every bit as versatile as their larger relatives. They are operated via the KR C4 compact and KR C4 smallsize-2controllers, with the same range of functions as the service.

  • Maximum reach: 900 mm
  • Rated payload: 6 kg
  • Pose repeatability: ±0.01 mm
  • Number of axes: six
  • Mounting position: floor, ceiling, wall, and angle
  • Robot footprint: 208 mm x 208 mm
  • Weight (excluding controller): approximately 54 kg
  • Handling for other machines
  • Plastics processing machines
  • Measuring, testing, and inspection
  • Handling for metal die-casting machines
  • Palletizing
  • Forging and bending
  • Other handling operations
  • Cutting machine tools
  • Packaging and order picking
  • Application of adhesives, sealants, or similar materials
  • Other coating operations
  • Fastening and pressing assembly
  • Inserting and mounting other assembly processes
  • Other machining operations

AGILUS KR 6 R900-2

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KR 6 R900-2 ROBOT KITKR 6 R900-2KR 6 R900-2 ROBOT KIT1 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2019-10-03