BU Series Accelerometer

Knowles accelerometer primarily used as a contact microphone for high noise environments

Image of Knowles' BU Series AccelerometerKnowles Acoustics' BU Series piezo-ceramic accelerometer has output from 20Hz to above 10kHz and is used primarily as a contact microphone for high noise environments.  It may also be used as an accelerometer with lightweight structures.

As a contact microphone, the BU may be worn on the throat or touching a bony part of the head (top, temple, or mastoid bone). BU has been integrated into helmet designs for radio communication for military and emergency services.


  • Voice intelligibility in a noisy environment
  • Unobtrusive compared to a close talking boom microphone
  • Convenience of wearing (when integrated into a worn article such as a helmet)

BU Series Accelerometer

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSensitivityAvailable QuantityView Details
BU-21771-000 datasheet linkMIC ACCELEROMETER VIBRATE SENSEBU-21771-000MIC ACCELEROMETER VIBRATE SENSE-45dB ±4.5dB99 - Immediate
BU-21771-000 product page link
Published: 2010-04-29