SC Series Common Mode Chokes

KEMET’s standard type AC line filters come in a variety of specifications and sizes

Image of KEMET's SC Series Common Mode ChokesThe KEMET SC coils, standard type AC line filters, are offered in a wide variety of sizes and specifications. These toroidal coils are designed with KEMET's proprietary ferrite cores and are useful in various noise countermeasure fields. Typical applications include audio-visual equipment, office automation equipment, industrial equipment, digital appliances, and power supply devices.

Features and Benefits
  • Toroidal core
  • Proprietary ferrite material and equivalents
  • Large size
  • Large current (up to 40 A)
  • Inductances up to 50 mH
  • Wide variety of sizes and specifications
  • Different form factors available
  • Operating temperature range from -25°C to +105°C or +120°C
  • UL94 V-0 or UL94 V-2 flame retardant base and cap materials

SC Series Common Mode Chokes

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionDC Resistance (DCR) (Max)Voltage Rating - DCAvailable QuantityView Details
CMC 3MH 2A 2LN THSC-02-30GJCMC 3MH 2A 2LN TH100mOhm250V265 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 2MH 6A 2LN THSC-06-E200HCMC 2MH 6A 2LN TH27mOhm250V594 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 8.1MH 5A 2LN THSC-05-E75JKHCMC 8.1MH 5A 2LN TH250V250V179 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 6.3MH 4A 2LN THSC-040-E063JH-PCMC 6.3MH 4A 2LN TH250V250V180 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 15MH 3A 2LN THSC-030-E150JH-PCMC 15MH 3A 2LN TH250V250V177 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 700UH 18A 2LN THSC-18-100CMC 700UH 18A 2LN TH20mOhm250V44 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 1.5MH 12A 2LN THSC-12-15JHCMC 1.5MH 12A 2LN TH250V250V96 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 8MH 1A 2LN THSC-01-80GCMC 8MH 1A 2LN TH300mOhm250V0View Details
CMC 2.09MH 9A 2LN THSC-09-209JHCMC 2.09MH 9A 2LN TH250V250V0View Details
CMC 9.17MH 4A 2LN THSC-040-E092JH-PCMC 9.17MH 4A 2LN TH250V250V180 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2020-01-14