EMI Cores for Cables

KEMET’s broad new series of EMI cores manage radiated noise across a variety of frequencies

Image of Kemet's EMI Cores for CablesKEMET announces the addition of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) cores to their line-up of noise-suppression passive components. Manage radiated noise across a variety of frequencies with KEMET's broad new series of EMI cores.

Features Programs Supported
  • Flat, round, and snail versions
  • Split versions for post-production attachment
  • Broad range by simply adding turns
  • FM frequency in MHz range filtering with NiZn
  • AM frequency in kHz range filtering with MnZn
  • According to EMI standards IEC, CISPR, ECE, and regional FCC, EN, VCCI

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EMI Cores for Cables

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeDesignAvailable QuantityView Details
B-20F-28 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE SOLID 1.3MMB-20F-28FERRITE CORE SOLID 1.3MMRoundSolid49525 - Immediate
B-20F-28 product page link
B-20F-38 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE SOLID 1.5MMB-20F-38FERRITE CORE SOLID 1.5MMRoundSolid22751 - Immediate
B-20F-38 product page link
B-20F-46 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE SOLID 1.5MMB-20F-46FERRITE CORE SOLID 1.5MMRoundSolid6038 - Immediate
B-20F-46 product page link
B-20L-34 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE SOLID 0.8MMB-20L-34FERRITE CORE SOLID 0.8MMRoundSolid26220 - Immediate
B-20L-34 product page link
B-20F-57 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE SOLID 1.5MMB-20F-57FERRITE CORE SOLID 1.5MMRoundSolid3615 - Immediate
B-20F-57 product page link
Published: 2013-11-27