LVM-Series Linear Vibration Motors

Jinlong Machinery offers its LVM-series linear resonant actuator vibration motors

Image of Jinlong's LVM-Series Linear Vibration MotorsDue to their fast rise and fall times and superior braking ability, the Jinlong linear resonant actuators (LRA) vibration motors are an excellent choice for haptic applications. Their relatively simple internal construction offers high reliability and exceptionally long life when compared with brushed ERM motors. Jinlong’s LRA have an internal mass that oscillates back and forth along the X-axis at its resonant frequency. They are an excellent alternative to brushless vibration motors as the only internal parts that are subjected to wear / failure are the springs.

Video: X-Ray video showing the LRA in action

Features Applications
  • Long life
  • Consistent resonant frequency
  • Custom FPC and SMD connection methods are possible
  • Superior rise and fall times
  • Wearable devices
  • Any light weight device requiring a silent alert or haptic feedback

LVM-Series Linear Vibration Motors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
LVM061530B product page link
LVM061930B-L20 datasheet linkVIBRATION MOTOR LINEAR 2VLVM061930B-L20VIBRATION MOTOR LINEAR 2V1923 - Immediate
LVM061930B-L20 product page link
LV061228B-L65-A datasheet linkVIBRATION MOTOR LINEAR 2 VACLV061228B-L65-AVIBRATION MOTOR LINEAR 2 VAC847 - Immediate
LV061228B-L65-A product page link
Published: 2016-10-25