SF50 Series Micro SIM Card Connector

JAE offers smallest-in-class size in the industry micro SIM card connector SF50 series

Image of JAE Electronics' SF50 Series Micro SIM Card ConnectorIn order for small portable devices such as smartphones to achieve a slimmer size while incorporating new functions, space-saving components are required for use in these devices. Recently products equipped with a micro SIM, the smallest SIM card, have appeared on the scene and their demand is expected to increase rapidly.

JAE has now developed the SF50 series Micro SIM Card connector to meet this market trend. A pull lever made from strong plastic that resists bending and heat is used for card insertion and removal, and the connector features this strength in addition to compatibility with reflow mounting. The SF50 Series achieves an industry's lowest-in-class height of 1.2 mm as a SIM Card connector with the smallest-in-class size mounting space as a pull lever type.

  • Simple structure and easy to operate pull lever is used for card insertion and removal
  • Location of pull lever is available in left and right side variations
  • Balanced 6 hold-down points for EMI countermeasure
  • Pb-free, halogen-free compliant product
  • Supports automated mounting with embossed tape
  • Industry's lowest-in-class-height of 1.2 mm and smallest-in-class mounting area (13.6 mm width, 15.6 mm depth) for a pull lever type
  • Plastic is used for the pull lever to secure high strength and to allow for reflow mounting with due considerations for user safety


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of PositionsConnector TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
CONN MICRO SIM CARD PUSH-PUSHSF50S006V4AR1500CONN MICRO SIM CARD PUSH-PUSH6Connector and Ejector19 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2013-07-02