IVS-947 Radar Sensor

InnoSenT GmbH's IVS-947 radar sensor features improved traffic radar sensor for more accuracy and energy efficiency

Image of InnoSenT GmbH's IVS-947 Radar SensorThe IVS-947 is a 24 GHz radar sensor frontend from InnoSenT GmbH, which is distinguished by advanced MMIC Design. The FMCW version measures the velocity and distance of moving objects. Additionally, it recognizes their presence or absence and their movement direction. The coverage area is defined for mid-range traffic detection.

The IVS-947 comes as VCO to allow frequency modulation and supports CW, FSK, and FMCW modules. This allows constant distance measurement and increases the counting accuracy. This design includes an RF prescaler for transmit-frequency reference. It also has an integrated IF amplifier to intensify the radar signals.

The product offers better energy efficiency and more flexibility in the application opportunities. The IVS-947 is primarily used for traffic detection. It can be found in traffic speed displays beside the streets or is used in vehicle counting systems. The IVS-947 can be adjusted in frequency and is fit for worldwide use.

Also available is a CW version: The IPS-937 only provides movement recognition, speed, and direction information of the objects.

  • K-band transceiver
  • 24 GHz
  • Advanced SiGe MMIC technology
  • Supports CW/FSK/FMCW modes
  • RF prescaler divider ratio of 8192
  • RF LNA for high SNR
  • I/Q channels for direction of motion discrimination
  • Available in different frequency ranges for worldwide use
  • Motion detection
  • Velocity measurement
    • Movement direction detection
    • Detection of stationary objects
    • Distance detection
    • Presence recognition
  • Motion detectors
  • Traffic speed control
  • Vehicle counting products
  • Digital traffic signs
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Traffic statistics
  • Industrial sensor applications
  • Speed enforcement
  • Traffic lights control
  • Traffic technology
  • Industrial device control
  • Door openers
  • Traffic control

IVS-947 Radar Sensor

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Published: 2020-02-11