iSYS-6003 Radar Series

InnoSenT's iSYS-6003 is designed for millimeter-accurate distance detection for level measurement

Image of InnoSenT's iSYS-6003 Radar SeriesInnoSenT's iSYS-6003 is a multifunctional radar system for precise distance measurement. The system includes signal processing and provides a digital output of the distance to the object. The iSYS-6003 operates in the range of 57 GHz to 64 GHz ISM band. The radar system measures the distance with an accuracy of ±2 mm up to a distance of 20 meters. It detects the presence and distance of stationary objects within its field of view. The product is equipped with a μC preprocessing unit to recognize targets and determine their distance to the sensor. The aperture of the iSYS-6003 is 8° in both azimuth and elevation.

The radar system measures materials with different physical states from less than 12 cm. Its precise detection works even in challenging environments. Therefore, it is the ideal device for industrial and level measurement applications. The iSYS-6003 can be configured as a single target or multi-target detector.

The three programmable output pins offer a wide range of individual configurations such as target filters, range filters, and more. To ensure easy integration, a quick start guide and a GUI are available to configure the system according to the requirements. The compact radar system is easily installed and integrated into an existing measurement system.

  • 61 GHz radar module
  • FMCW (frequency modulation continuous wave)
  • Detection of stationary objects
  • Detection of slow-moving targets
  • Radar system with signal-processing and housing
  • V-band distance measurement system
  • ±2 mm accuracy
  • Small size (50 mm x 50 mm)
  • Easy integration into customer housing
  • Narrow beamwidth
  • Client board with USB and RS-485 interface available for fast initial operation
  • Reuse of client board layout and/or schematic to build own specialized sensor solution possible
  • Presence detection
  • Digital output (objectlist via SPI)
  • Level measurement
  • Touchless measurement
  • Detection under extreme conditions like dust, pressure, steam, dirt, damp, heat, or cold
  • Detection of fluids
  • Water and wastewater measurement
  • Building material measurement
  • Level monitoring
  • Mining level measurement
  • Stage detection
  • Level measurement food industry
  • Growth or drop determination
  • Radar detection for bunkers, tanks, or silos
  • Information for alerts by reaching maximum or minimum level
  • Filling level recognition
  • Industrial sensor
  • Distance measurement
  • Outdoor radar detection
  • Application fields: industrial applications and level measurement

iSYS-6003 Radar Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - SupplyOperating TemperatureAvailable QuantityView Details
ISYS-6003 RADAR MODULE80.00000200ISYS-6003 RADAR MODULE4.8V ~ 5.2V-25°C ~ 60°C16 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2020-03-26