INS Radar System Series

InnoSenT's touchless control is designed for building automation and security applications

Image of InnoSenT's INS Radar System SeriesInnoSenT's INS series was developed for building automation and security applications. It offers a combination of motion and presence detection. A single module controls technical devices in two different ways.

The 24 GHz radar recognizes the presence and absence of a person, as well as their direction of movement and speed. Depending on the model, the range for motion detection is up to 13 meters, whereas the presence detection triggers in a zone of less than 10 cm (for the touchless switch feature). The INS detects velocity, movement, and the direction of moving objects up to a maximum speed level of 25 km/h.

The range is configurable by adjusting the signal strength. This allows users to make individual modifications. The device can also be hidden behind a tile. This feature and the compact outlines simplify integration and provide the customer design freedom.

The product is equipped with an Eco and Standby mode for low power consumption. It is delivered on tape-and-reel for SMT mounting.

The series includes two product types that differ only in a single point: the advanced version INS 3330 has a potentiometer for manual range adjustment, and the INS 3331 is the digital version. The sensitivity is set via UART.

Another antenna version is also available by the manufacturer InnoSenT GmbH (Product INS-313x).


GUI Software

Interface Protocol

  • Easy plug-and-play integration
  • Detection range adjustable via potentiometer
  • Advanced version with open-collector outputs and UART interface
  • 24 GHz radar system
  • Certificated and approved according to FCC Rule 15C and RED Article 3.2
  • Motion detection
  • Velocity measurement
  • Direction detection
  • Nearfield presence detection
  • Motion detectors
  • Alarm systems
  • Touchless switches
  • Light controls
  • Speed controls
  • Intrusion alarm systems with anti-masking capability
  • Building automation
  • Smart homes
  • Home automation
  • Security
  • Proximity switches

INS Radar System Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
INS-3330 24GHZ RADAR MODULE80.00000049INS-3330 24GHZ RADAR MODULE520 - ImmediateView Details
INS-3331 RADAR MODULE80.00000351INS-3331 RADAR MODULE208 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2020-02-06