Excellent broadband RF performance with RF switches from Infineon

Infineon offers Bulk CMOS RF Switches to support a variety of applications, such as traditional single pole multi throw switches (e.g. for general purpose switching, band/mode switching and antenna diversity applications), double pole double throw (DPDT) switches and antenna switch modules (ASM).

Highly linear band or mode switches are vital for emerging multi-mode and multi-band architectures as mobile phone radios can easily operate in 16 bands or more. Some examples of band/mode switch products from Infineon Technologies include the SPDT models BGS12SL6, BGS12PL6 and BGS12SN6, the SP3T model BGS13SL9 and the double-pole, double-throw (DPDT) models BGS22WL10 and BGS22W2L10.

Furthermore, several Infineon devices with mid-range power capability are suggested for the diversity application to increase data rates in emerging mobile phone radios.

Infineon RF switches are highly linear and provide the required isolation between transmit and receive chains, with the lowest insertion loss possible. They are typically implemented one of two ways: as discrete TSxP packaged or they can be delivered by a third-party module manufacturer which uses our chip-scale-packages (CSP).Then, the control may be done in many different ways. However, upcoming designs are moving away from traditional general purpose input/output (GPIO) to Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) RFFE interface.

Key Features

  • Low insertion loss
  • Low harmonic generation
  • High port-to-port isolation
  • High frequency coverage
  • On-chip control logic
  • Very small halogen free packages
  • No decoupling capacitors required
  • High power handling of up to 38 dBm
  • Integrated harmonic filters
  • Integrated ESD protection

Key Applications

  • Antenna Switch Modules
  • Pre- & Post- PA Switches
  • Distribution switch
  • Band / Mode selection
  • WiFi / WLAN

Product Highlights RF Switches

Part Number Package Switch Type Control Interface Frequency (f) Range P max Insertion Loss @ 1GHz
Antenna Switch Modules
BGSF18DM20 VCCN-20-1 SP8T SPI 0.1-2.7 35.0 dBm 0.6 dB
Diversity Switches
BGS15AN16 TSNP-16-6 SP5T GPIO 0.1-3.0 32.0 dBm 0.34 dB
BGS14AN16 TSNP-16-6 SP4T GPIO 0.1-3.0 30.0 dBm 0.34 dB
General Purpose Switches
BGS22W2L10 TSLP-10-1 DPDT GPIO 0.1-3 30.0 dBm 0.33 dB
BGS22WL10 TSLP-10-1 DPDT GPIO 0.1-3 30.0 dBm 0.33 dB
BGS13SL9 TSLP-9-3 SP3T GPIO 0.1-3 30.0 dBm 0.35 dB
BGS12SL6 TSLP-6-4 SPDT GPIO 0.1-6 27.5 dBm 0.25 dB
BGS12PL6 TSLP-6-4 SPDT GPIO 0.1-4 35.0 dBm 0.4 dB
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