LED Drivers

LED driver family, BCR401, BCR402, BCR405, and BCR450 from Infineon

Image of Infineon Technologies' Low Cost Linear Discrete LED DriversInfineon Technologies' linear-mode LED driver family, BCR401, BCR402, and BCR405, and newly introduced BCR450 provide efficient, low-cost constant-current solutions for LED strings from 10 mA to 65 mA (up to 700 mA with an external "boost" transistor). Our constant-current drivers keep light emission consistent over power supply and temperature variations, eliminate the effect of VF variation, and help prevent thermal runaway in applications. We also offer low forward-voltage Schottky diodes, including single-package reverse polarity protection diode arrays (RPP).

Features Applications
  • Constant current adjustable from 10 mA to 60 mA, up to 500 mW power dissipation
  • Current range may be extended up to 700 mA with addition of external "boost" transistor (for example BCX68-16)
  • Selection of 18 V  or 40 V maximum rating across driver
  • ON / OFF feature enables PWM / FM modulation
  • LED-circuit protection due to negative-temperature coefficient (NTC)
  • Channel lighting
  • Advertising signage
  • Home/office lighting (recess lamps, pendant lamps, and more)
  • Rope lighting / neon replacement
  • Automotive (for example center high-mounted stop light "CHMSL")
  • Enables using more LEDs in one branch due to low-voltage drop compared to resistor biasing schemes
  • Maintains consistent light emission across LED strings independent of VF, power supply, and temperature variation
  • Efficient active current regulation, accuracy of IOUT at ±1%/V voltage variation
  • Eliminates problem of stocking multiple bias resistor values to match incoming LED VF bins
Published: 2012-06-29