Cordless Power Tools Enabled by Infineon’s Full System Solution

Infineon products are designed to drive your innovation

Infineon is offering the highest power density and system efficiency for cordless tools.

Infineon offers a comprehensive portfolio to address a broad range of battery powered motor control applications

Key Enabling Products Are:

  • Low Voltage Power MOSFETs - OptiMOS™
  • Gate Drivers - EiceDRIVER™
  • Microcontrollers - XMC
Your Requirements   Our Solution
System miniaturization
Space optimized designs with products showing lowest RDS(on) in compact packages such as SuperSO8 or DSO-8
Decrease overall system costs Cost optimized solutions with products at excellent price/performance ratio without sacrificing excellent performance

Choose the best solution from our wide portfolio

  Brushed Brushless DC
<14V – 18V <14V 14V – 18V >24
MOSFET Voltage Class 40V 30V 40V 60V
IPP015N04N G
IPP023N04N G
IPP041N04N G
BSB012N03LX3 G
BSB014N04LX3 G
BSB028N06NN3 G
Driver ICs
Halfbridge 2EDL05N06PF (DSO-8)
Fullbridge 6EDL04N02PR (TSSOP-28)
6ED003L02-F2 (TSSOP-28)
XMC Microcontroller XMC1302

Block diagram of cordless tool application

Block diagram of cordless tool application

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Benefits of Infineon Components

  • Reliable and robust products for highest system durability and reliability

  • Lowest RDS(on) 1.0mΩ, 40V in SuperSO8 and highest current 300A capability for highest system efficiency

  • Small form factors for compact design e.g. SuperS08 30mm² leading to reduction of overall system size and cost

  • Evaluation boards for fast prototyping and testing and in-depth system support enable reduction of development time and cost.

Demoboard Information

300W Motor Control Application Kit

300W Motor Control Application Kit

A High Efficiency Demonstrator Driving Your Innovation

The 300W Motor Control Application Kit features Infineon’s OptiMOS™ technology, providing a simple to use Evaluation Board for testing and analyzing any brushless DC motor equipped with hall sensors. The components of the board include 6 pieces of OptiMOS™(BSC016N06N3 G), an EiceDRIVER™ (6ED003L02-F2) and a Microcontroller (XC836).

Together they enable brushless DC motors to run up to 300W without additional cooling.

Key features and benefits

  • High efficiency MOSFETs and MCU
  • Easy plug and play software with Graphical User Interface for fast testing of the board
  • Suitable for any BLDC motors with hall sensors
  • Optimized thermal management
  • Voltage, current and speed control possible
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