PROFET® - BTS501x Smart High-Side Power Switch

Infineon's BTS501x is a member of the highly integrated PROFET family

Image of Infineon's BTS501x PROFET® - Smart High-Side Power SwitchThe highly integrated PROFET family, from Infineon, (PROtected FET) incorporates a broad range of smart features. PROFET intelligent power switches consist of a DMOS power transistor and CMOS logic circuitry for complete built-in protection. Some examples that these devices offer protection against include overload, over-temperature, and short-circuits for all kinds of automotive and industrial applications.

Key Benefits to Customer Applications
  • Drop-in scalability from 16 mΩ to 10 mΩ in a standard power package
    • Cost-reduction replacement for BTS6142D and BTS443P
  • Provides much lower power dissipation during reverse polarity than the competition (factor of 3x to 4x)
  • Well-known feature set and technology with proven track record (BTS6143D)
  • Automotive and Industrial
  • 55 W lamps and smaller
  • Seat heater elements
  • Unipolar motor drives
  • Fuse and relay replacement
  • Protected power feeds
  • 2 A to 5 A inductive and capacitive loads
Block Diagram (Click image to view larger version)
Image of Infineon's BTS501x Block Diagram
Published: 2012-06-29