WP3W-RK Wireless Power Reference Solution

IDT's WP3W-RK wireless power reference solution offers high-efficiency, ultra-compact, turnkey reference design for low power applications

Image of IDT's WP3W-RK Wireless Power Reference SolutionIDT’s wireless power reference kit is targeted for applications ranging from 0.5 W to 3 W. The reference kit is comprised of both the transmitter (P9235A-R-EVK) and the receiver (P9027LP-R-EVK) with three different coil size options supporting applications with different form factors.

The comprehensive, turnkey reference design enables immediate prototyping. An associated layout module allows for direct instantiation on to a system board, while an optimized and fully tested BOM takes the guesswork out of component selection. In addition, the extensive digital library of collateral eliminates traditional design and support barriers regardless of application volume.

  • Supports up to 3 W applications
  • Complete wireless power system with three coil sizes
    • Supporting a wide range of applications and form factors
  • Peak 80% system efficiency at 3 W
  • Seamless integration with drop-in reference layout provided
  • Complete development package for fast prototyping
  • Compact active PCB area:
    • Rx: 32 mm2
    • Tx: 500 mm2
Kit Contents
  • P9027LP-R-EVK (Rx)
  • P9235A-R-EVK (Tx)
  • Three coil size options
  • USB cable

Wireless power reference kits - Proven architecture, compact sizes, and a broad portfolio

WP3W-RK Wireless Power Reference Solution

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeEmbeddedAvailable QuantityView Details
WP3W-RK datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR P9027LP P9235AWP3W-RKEVAL BOARD FOR P9027LP P9235APower Management-0WP3W-RK product page link

Wireless Power Receiver and Transmitter

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionApplicationsAvailable QuantityView Details
P9027LP-RAWGI8 datasheet linkIC WIRELESS PWR RECEIVER 40WLCSPP9027LP-RAWGI8IC WIRELESS PWR RECEIVER 40WLCSPWireless Power Receiver2768 - Immediate
6640 - Factory Stock
P9027LP-RAWGI8 product page link
P9235A-RNDGI8 datasheet linkIC WIRELESS TRANSMITTER 48QFNP9235A-RNDGI8IC WIRELESS TRANSMITTER 48QFNWireless Power Transmitter1169 - Immediate
P9235A-RNDGI8 product page link
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Published: 2016-06-01