P9038 and P9025AC Wireless Power Reference Kits

IDT introduces a turnkey 5 W, Qi-compliant wireless power transmitter and receiver solution

Image of IDT's P9038 and P9025AC Wireless Power TransmittersIDT’s P9038-R-EVK (transmitter) and P9025AC-R-EVK (receiver) reference kits form a turnkey wireless power solution that can be used for immediate prototyping. The easy-to-use reference boards and comprehensive design support collateral eliminate traditional design and support barriers regardless of application volume.

An associated layout module enables direct instantiation on to a system board, while an optimized and fully-tested bill of materials (BOM) takes the guess-work out of component selection. Foreign Object Detection (FOD) tuning is supported via selectable pre-programmed curve settings and technical documentation.

The 5 W, 5 V solution is suitable for a wide range of applications, including PC peripherals, furniture, medical devices, and other portable devices still hindered by traditional contact-based charging bases or cables.

Features and Benefits
  • 5 V input (Tx), 5.3 V / 1 A output (Rx)
  • Qi-compliant for interoperability with other devices
  • Compact form factor for fast prototyping
  • Layout module provided for direct instantiation on to system board
  • Proven, fully-tested BOM
  • Simplified FOD tuning scheme
  • Supported by extensive library of digital support collateral

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Wireless power reference kits - Proven architecture, compact sizes, and a broad portfolio

P9038 Wireless Power Transmitter

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
P9038-RNDGI datasheet linkIC WIRELESS PWR TXP9038-RNDGIIC WIRELESS PWR TX732 - Immediate
7800 - Factory Stock
P9038-RNDGI product page link
P9038-R-EVK datasheet linkEVAL KIT FOR P9038P9038-R-EVKEVAL KIT FOR P90380P9038-R-EVK product page link

P9025AC Wireless Power Receiver

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
14700 - Factory Stock
P9025AC-RNBGI8 product page link
P9025AC-R-EVK datasheet linkEVAL KIT FOR P9025P9025AC-R-EVKEVAL KIT FOR P90250P9025AC-R-EVK product page link
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Published: 2015-08-24