TruStability™ RSC Series Board-Mount Pressure Sensors

Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions features its high resolution, high accuracy, and temperature compensated RSC series

Image of Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions' Trustability RSC Series Board-Mount Pressure SensorsHoneywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions' RSC series is a piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor offering a digital output for reading pressure over the specified full scale pressure span and temperature range. It is calibrated and temperature compensated for sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature effects, and non-linearity using a 24-bit analog-to-digital converter with integrated EEPROM. Pressure data may be acquired at rates between 20 and 2,000 samples per second over an SPI. It is intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic gases, such as air and other dry gases, designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards, and is REACH and RoHS compliant. This is a great device for a wide range of medical or industrial applications.

Features Benefits
  • Pressure range: ±1.6 mbar to ±10 bar, ±160 Pa to ±1 MPa, ±0.5 in H2O to ±150 psi; absolute range 1 bar to 8 bar, 15 psi to 150 psi
  • Pressure types: absolute, gage, or differentia
  • Total error band: as low as ±0.25% FSS depending on pressure range
  • Accuracy: ±0.1% FSS BFSL
  • Compensated temperature range: -40ºC to ±85ºC [-40ºF to ±185ºF]
  • Power consumption: less than 10 mW, typ.
  • Size: miniature 10 mm x 12.5 mm [0.39 in x 0.49 in] package
  • Output: 24-bit digital SPI-compatible
  • Meets IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020D.1 Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 requirements
  • Proven reliability
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Compact easy-to-design packaging
  • Low MSL requirement
  • Energy efficient

Trustability RSC Series Board-Mount Pressure Sensors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPressure TypeOperating PressureTermination StyleAvailable QuantityView Details
RSCDRRM020NDSE3 datasheet linkSENSOR PRESS DIFF 20" H2O 3.3V DRSCDRRM020NDSE3SENSOR PRESS DIFF 20" H2O 3.3V DDifferential±0.72 PSI (±4.96 kPa)PC Pin31 - Immediate
RSCDRRM020NDSE3 product page link
RSCMJJM005NDSE3 datasheet linkSENSOR PRESS DIFF 5" H2OF 3.3V SRSCMJJM005NDSE3SENSOR PRESS DIFF 5" H2OF 3.3V SDifferential±0.18 PSI (±1.25 kPa)Surface Mount9 - Immediate
RSCMJJM005NDSE3 product page link
RSCMRRM005NGSE3 datasheet linkSENSOR PRESS GAUGE 5" H2O 3.3V SRSCMRRM005NGSE3SENSOR PRESS GAUGE 5" H2O 3.3V SGauge±0.18 PSI (±1.25 kPa)Surface Mount8 - Immediate
RSCMRRM005NGSE3 product page link
RSCDRRI002NDSE3 datasheet linkSENSOR PRESS DIFF 2" H2O 3.3V DIRSCDRRI002NDSE3SENSOR PRESS DIFF 2" H2O 3.3V DIDifferential0.07 PSI (0.5 kPa)PC Pin19 - Immediate
RSCDRRI002NDSE3 product page link
RSCDRRM2.5MDSE3 datasheet linkSENSOR PRESS 2.5MBAR DIFF 3.3V DRSCDRRM2.5MDSE3SENSOR PRESS 2.5MBAR DIFF 3.3V DDifferential±0.04 PSI (±0.25 kPa)PC Pin0RSCDRRM2.5MDSE3 product page link
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Published: 2017-04-12