HMC6343 Compass Module

Honeywell Aerospace offers their 3-Axis Compass with Algorithms HMC6343

image of Honeywell's HMC6343 Compass Module The Honeywell Aerospace HMC6343 is a fully integrated compass module that includes firmware for heading computation and calibration for magnetic distortions. The module combines 3-axis magneto-resistive sensors and 3-axis MEMS accelerometers, analog and digital support circuits, microprocessor, and algorithms required for heading computation. By combining the sensor elements, processing electronics, and firmware into a 9.0 mm by 9.0 mm by 1.9 mm LCC package, Honeywell offers a complete, ready to use tilt compensated electronic compass. This provides design engineers with a simple solution to integrate high volume, cost effective compasses into binoculars, cameras, night vision optics, laser ranger finders, antenna positioning, and other industrial compassing applications.

The HMC6343 utilizes Honeywell's Anisotropic Magnetoresistive (AMR) technology that provides advantages over other magnetic sensor technologies. The sensors feature precision sensitivity and linearity, solid-state construction with very low cross-axis sensitivity designed to measure both direction and magnitude of Earth's magnetic fields. Honeywell's magnetic sensors are sensitive and reliable low-field sensors.

Features and Benefits
  • Compass with heading/tilt outputs
  • 3-axis MR sensors, accelerometers and a microprocessor in a single package
  • Compass algorithms
  • 9 mm x 9 mm x 1.9 mm LCC surface mount package
  • Low voltage operations
  • EEPROM memory
  • Digital serial data interface
  • Moderate precision outputs
  • Lead free package construction
  • Flexible mounting
  • A complete compass solution including compass firmware
  • A digital compass solution with heading and tilt angle outputs in a chip-scale package
  • Small size, easy to assemble and compatible with high speed surface mount technology assembly
  • Compatible with battery powered applications
  • I2C Interface, easy to use 2-wire communication for heading output
  • Typical 2° heading accuracy with 1° pitch and roll accuracy
  • Complies with RoHS environmental standards
  • Can be mounted on horizontal or vertical circuit boards

HMC6343 Compass Module

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Published: 2009-06-04