DC Power Conditioning

Analog Devices' DC power conditioning products are BiCMOS ultra-low-noise linear voltage regulators

Image of Analog Devices' DC Power ConditioningAnalog Devices' DC power conditioning products are BiCMOS ultra-low-noise linear voltage regulators. Their high Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) in the 0.1 MHz to 10 MHz range provides excellent rejection of any preceding switching regulator or other power supply noise. The voltage output is ideal for frequency generation subsystems including Analog Devices' broad line of PLLs with integrated VCOs. The output voltage can be adjusted lower than the default value by using one external resistor.

The output for these linear voltage regulators can be set to 5 V by grounding the HV pin. The regulator can be powered-down by the TTL-compatible Enable input.

Expanding Analog Devices' DC power conditioning Line is the HMC1060LP3E. A maximum 500 mA of current, distributed between four independent outputs, enable the HMC1060LP3E to supply all of the power needs of Analog Devices' Wideband PLL with Integrated VCO products, such as the HMC830LP6GE.

Although targeted at Analog Devices' Wideband PLLs with Integrated VCO products, the HMC1060LP3E makes an excellent general-purpose regulator that supports adjustable output voltages ranging anywhere from 1.8 V to 5.2 V.

Evaluation Board

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
EVAL01-HMC1060LP3E datasheet linkBOARD EVAL LDO QUAD HMC1060EVAL01-HMC1060LP3EBOARD EVAL LDO QUAD HMC10601 - Immediate
22 - Factory Stock
EVAL01-HMC1060LP3E product page link

Linear Voltage Regulators

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionOutput TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
HMC976LP3ETR datasheet linkIC REG LIN POS ADJ 400MA 16QFNHMC976LP3ETRIC REG LIN POS ADJ 400MA 16QFNAdjustable888 - Immediate
HMC976LP3ETR product page link
HMC860LP3ETR datasheet linkIC REG LINEAR POS ADJ 16QFNHMC860LP3ETRIC REG LINEAR POS ADJ 16QFNAdjustable (Fixed)592 - Immediate
HMC860LP3ETR product page link
HMC1060LP3ETR datasheet linkIC REG LINEAR POS ADJ 16QFNHMC1060LP3ETRIC REG LINEAR POS ADJ 16QFNAdjustable226 - Immediate
HMC1060LP3ETR product page link
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Published: 2014-04-02