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Creating advanced technology for power supply infrastructure is a complex task, involving a web of interactive signals, precise communication, mechanical functioning, and electric power transmission. Hirose Electric, a leader in new technology, provides solutions for your cutting-edge designs.

Hirose offers connectors for Smart Meter, Wind Turbine, UPS, Switch Gear/Protection Relay/Circuit Breaker, and Battery Storage System applications.

Smart Meter connectors from Hirose include RJ45, coaxial, board-to-board, wire-to-board, in-line, input-output, and FPC/FFC products. For Wind Turbine applications, we offer interface and internal connectors for power supplies. UPS applications include power line and signal line connectors, and for Switch Gear/Protection Relay/Circuit Breaker applications, Hirose provides high-speed interface, board-to-board, wire-to-board, and FPC/FFC connectors. Battery Storage Systems include plug-in, interface, service plug connectors.

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PS2 series, Plug-In Connectors

PS2 Series
  • Hybrid design with 100 to 300 Amps power contacts & signal contacts
  • Floating design allows +/- 2.5 mm self-alignment around screws during mating
  • Sequential contacts detect incomplete mating for safety
  • Ideal for large 18650 battery packs in rack/drawer configurations
  • Finger protection cap is provided
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PS3 Series, Plug-In Connectors

PS3 Series
  • Rated up to 150 Amps with 50 mm² wire
  • Slim design achieved by employing unique blade contact that allows applications on standard 1U rack
  • Floating design allows +/-2 mm self-alignment around screws during mating
  • Power contacts connect to the cable by a single screw
  • Ideal for thin laminated batteries in rack/drawer configurations
  • Finger protection meets IP2X requirements
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PS3F series, Front access Plug-In Connectors

PS3F Series
  • Hybrid design with power and signal contacts, up to 100 Amps
  • Front access on the plug-in side is ideal for systems without maintenance space in the back
  • Allows assembly/wiring inside a confined space from the mating side (front)
  • Floating design allows ± 2.5 mm alignment error
  • Finger protection meets IP2X requirements and contributes to operator safety
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GT8E series, Signal Line Connectors

GT8E Series
  • 2.0 mm pitch
  • Compact, highly reliable connectors that withstand extreme environmental conditions such as high vibration and heat
  • Provides stable signal transmission such as battery voltage monitoring
  • Wide variations; SMT/DIP, single/double row, right-angle/straight/in-line
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PS3C Series, Front Wiring Connectors

PS3C Series
  • 150 Amps using 50 mm² wire
  • 180 degree mating reversal allows flexible cabling
  • Compact receptacle saves space inside battery unit
  • Right-angle plug saves space for cable wiring
  • Safety design with IP2X finger protection
  • Guide key and color coding prevents mis-mating between positive and negative leads
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EM12M Series, Front Wiring Connectors

EM12M Series
  • 90 Amps using 22 mm² wire
  • Quick and secure snap-in lock mechanism
  • Safety design with finger protection
  • Crimp termination with commercially-available crimp tool
  • Keying and colored housings prevent mis-mating
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DF60 Series, Front Wiring Connectors

DF60 Series Hirose EnerBee Logo
  • 38 Amps (6pos) - 45 Amps (1pos) using 8 AWG to 12 AWG
  • Secure mating with clear tactile click
  • Highly reliable 5-point contact with independent contact springs
  • Keying variations available
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EM30MSD Series, Manual Service Disconnect Plug

EM30MSD Series
  • 200 Amps capability with small size
  • Disconnects power and improves operator and battery system safety during maintenance.
  • Signal contact with interlocking switch to detect mating status
  • Shock resistant multi-contact and bayonet lock systems
  • IP68 water resistant
  • Safety design with IP2X finger protection
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