DF1B Series

Hirose’s DF1B series is UL / CSA compliant and delivers a current rating of up to 3 A and a voltage rating of AC 250 V

Image of Hirose Electric's DF1B SeriesHirose’s DF1B series is a 2.5 mm pitch, discrete wire connector that is UL / CSA compliant and delivers a current rating of up to 3 A and a voltage rating of AC 250 V. Its versatility comes from its ability to be used as a board-to-wire or wire-to-wire connector. The contact counts range from 2-40 and can be arranged in a single- or double-row configuration. These connectors are compatible with 20 AWG to 30 AWG wire and are RoHS / Reach compliant.

  • 2.5 mm pitch
  • Discrete wire connector
  • UL / CSA compliant
  • 3 A current rating
  • 250 V voltage rating
  • Board-to-wire, wire-to-wire
  • Single- or double-row
  • 2-40 contact counts
  • Accepts 20 AWG to 30 AWG wire
  • RoHS / Reach compliant
  • LCDs
  • Notebook computers
  • Business equipment
  • Copy machines and printers

DF1B Series Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
DF1B-2022SCF datasheet linkCONN SOCKET CRIMP 20-22AWG TINDF1B-2022SCFCONN SOCKET CRIMP 20-22AWG TIN40358 - Immediate
DF1B-2022SCF product page link
DF1B-4DP-2.5DSA(01) datasheet linkCONN HEADER 4POS 2.5MM STR GOLDDF1B-4DP-2.5DSA(01)CONN HEADER 4POS 2.5MM STR GOLD8158 - Immediate
DF1B-4DP-2.5DSA(01) product page link
DF1B-2428SCF datasheet linkCONN SOCKET CRIMP 24-28AWG TINDF1B-2428SCFCONN SOCKET CRIMP 24-28AWG TIN147282 - Immediate
DF1B-2428SCF product page link
DF1B-2428PCF datasheet linkCONN PIN CRIMP 24-28AWG TINDF1B-2428PCFCONN PIN CRIMP 24-28AWG TIN16956 - Immediate
DF1B-2428PCF product page link
DF1B-2S-2.5R datasheet linkCONN RECEPT HOUSING 2POS 2.5MMDF1B-2S-2.5RCONN RECEPT HOUSING 2POS 2.5MM7703 - Immediate
DF1B-2S-2.5R product page link
DF1B-3S-2.5R datasheet linkCONN RECEPT HOUSING 3POS 2.5MMDF1B-3S-2.5RCONN RECEPT HOUSING 3POS 2.5MM3778 - Immediate
DF1B-3S-2.5R product page link
DF1B-6S-2.5R datasheet linkCONN RECEPT HOUSING 6POS 2.5MMDF1B-6S-2.5RCONN RECEPT HOUSING 6POS 2.5MM2520 - Immediate
DF1B-6S-2.5R product page link
DF1B-5S-2.5R datasheet linkCONN RECEPT HOUSING 5POS 2.5MMDF1B-5S-2.5RCONN RECEPT HOUSING 5POS 2.5MM1290 - Immediate
DF1B-5S-2.5R product page link
DF1B-8S-2.5R datasheet linkCONN RECEPT HOUSING 8POS 2.5MMDF1B-8S-2.5RCONN RECEPT HOUSING 8POS 2.5MM1433 - Immediate
DF1B-8S-2.5R product page link
DF1B-2ES-2.5RC datasheet linkCONN RECEPT HOUSING 2POS 2.5MMDF1B-2ES-2.5RCCONN RECEPT HOUSING 2POS 2.5MM2694 - Immediate
DF1B-2ES-2.5RC product page link
DF1B-2EP-2.5RC datasheet linkCONN PLUG HOUSING 2POS 2.5MMDF1B-2EP-2.5RCCONN PLUG HOUSING 2POS 2.5MM1727 - Immediate
DF1B-2EP-2.5RC product page link
DF1BZ-2P-2.5DSA datasheet linkCONN HEADER 2POS 2.5MM STR TINDF1BZ-2P-2.5DSACONN HEADER 2POS 2.5MM STR TIN2388 - Immediate
DF1BZ-2P-2.5DSA product page link
DF1B-4DS-2.5RC datasheet linkCONN RECEPT HOUSING 4POS 2.5MMDF1B-4DS-2.5RCCONN RECEPT HOUSING 4POS 2.5MM7732 - Immediate
DF1B-4DS-2.5RC product page link
DF1BZ-3P-2.5DSA datasheet linkCONN HEADER 3POS 2.5MM STR TINDF1BZ-3P-2.5DSACONN HEADER 3POS 2.5MM STR TIN3510 - Immediate
DF1BZ-3P-2.5DSA product page link
DF1BZ-4P-2.5DSA datasheet linkCONN HEADER 4POS 2.5MM STR TINDF1BZ-4P-2.5DSACONN HEADER 4POS 2.5MM STR TIN6853 - Immediate
DF1BZ-4P-2.5DSA product page link
DF1B-6DS-2.5RC datasheet linkCONN RECEPT HOUSING 6POS 2.5MMDF1B-6DS-2.5RCCONN RECEPT HOUSING 6POS 2.5MM2413 - Immediate
DF1B-6DS-2.5RC product page link
DF1B-8DS-2.5RC datasheet linkCONN RECEPT HOUSING 8POS 2.5MMDF1B-8DS-2.5RCCONN RECEPT HOUSING 8POS 2.5MM2078 - Immediate
DF1B-8DS-2.5RC product page link
DF1BZ-2P-2.5DS datasheet linkCONN HEADER 2POS 2.5MM R/A TINDF1BZ-2P-2.5DSCONN HEADER 2POS 2.5MM R/A TIN6526 - Immediate
DF1BZ-2P-2.5DS product page link
DF1B-10DS-2.5RC datasheet linkCONN RECEPT HOUSING 10POS 2.5MMDF1B-10DS-2.5RCCONN RECEPT HOUSING 10POS 2.5MM4134 - Immediate
DF1B-10DS-2.5RC product page link
DF1B-2P-2.5DSA(01) datasheet linkCONN HEADER 2POS 2.5MM STR GOLDDF1B-2P-2.5DSA(01)CONN HEADER 2POS 2.5MM STR GOLD2330 - Immediate
DF1B-2P-2.5DSA(01) product page link
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Published: 2014-01-02