T2 Multi-Touch Control Wheel

Control wheel from Grayhill with an array of multi-touch sensor data options

Image of Grayhill's T2 Multi-Touch Control WheelThe Grayhill T2 Model MTCW expands the Grayhill family of Instinct™ Touch Technology software and Human Interface Devices (HIDs) for use with OEM electronic equipment. The T2 control wheel offers an expanded array of multi-touch sensor data options to the company's family of HIDs.

Multi-Touch gestures are becoming a highly popular means of controlling contemporary equipment in areas such as medical imaging, gaming, industrial control, off-highway equipment and more. However, the T2 MTCW can be used in any application where instinctive and intuitive finger movements initiate a variety of commands. Instinct Touch Technology combines the Instinct Gesture Recognition Library with the T2 MTCW to track movements from the device's touch pad, using as many as five fingers at a time. The data is then converted into gestures, which are fed to the user's application or operating system, which allows the T2 to function in a similar manner as the iPhone®.


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T201-DEV1 datasheet linkKIT DEV MULTITOUCH CONTROL WHEELT201-DEV1KIT DEV MULTITOUCH CONTROL WHEELInterface, Encoder and TouchpadMulti-Touch Control Wheel0T201-DEV1 product page link
Published: 2013-04-10