60 Series NavCoders

Grayhill's 60 Series Joystick encoders

Image of Grayhill's 60 Series NavCodersGrayhill's NavCoder products are three-in-one human interface devices that combine a joystick, an optical encoder, and a pushbutton on a single shaft to provide directional and rotational control. Typically used to navigate through on-screen menus, NavCoders function as the human interface to on-board systems such as navigation, climate control, and infotainment.

The 60A Series is a unique switch that combines the functionality of an optical encoder, pushbutton and joystick in one shaft. Long life, high reliability, and compatibility with CMOS, HCMOS, and TTL logic make this versatile switch ideal for global positioning and driver information systems, medical equipment control, radio control, robotics, and commercial appliances. The 60AD Series features an optical encoder with tactile dome contacts for the joystick instead of the tact switches used in the standard 60A. Because of this, Grayhill offers the 60AD with the option for low, medium, or high actuation forces on the joystick and pushbutton. Other standard options include 4 or 8 direction joysticks, variable cable lengths, and multiple terminations.

The 60AR Series is the world's toughest NavCoder with an IP67 seal, and the only one built to withstand harsh use and abuse in outdoor, exposed applications. The 60AR provides the same intuitive human interface in exposed applications as on boats, agricultural implements, and open-cab construction equipment. Besides vehicles, Series 60AR is the ideal interface for military robots and portable medical electronics.

60 Series NavCoders

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionEncoder TypeOutput TypePulses per RevolutionAvailable QuantityView Details
60A18-4-060C datasheet linkENCODER OPT 20POS 6"CBL60A18-4-060CENCODER OPT 20POS 6"CBLOpticalQuadrature (Incremental)2010 - Immediate
60A18-4-060C product page link
60AD18-4-M-060C datasheet linkENCDR OPT 20POS JOYSTK 6CBL W/PB60AD18-4-M-060CENCDR OPT 20POS JOYSTK 6CBL W/PBOpticalQuadrature (Incremental)20060AD18-4-M-060C product page link
60A18-8-060C datasheet linkENCODER OPT 20POS 6"CBL60A18-8-060CENCODER OPT 20POS 6"CBLOpticalQuadrature (Incremental)205 - Immediate
2 - Factory Stock
60A18-8-060C product page link
60A18-2-060C datasheet linkENCODER OPT 20POS 6"CBL60A18-2-060CENCODER OPT 20POS 6"CBLOpticalQuadrature (Incremental)201 - Immediate
60A18-2-060C product page link
60AD18-8-M-060C datasheet linkENCDR OPT 20POS JOYSTK 6CBL W/PB60AD18-8-M-060CENCDR OPT 20POS JOYSTK 6CBL W/PBOpticalQuadrature (Incremental)203 - Immediate
1 - Factory Stock
60AD18-8-M-060C product page link
60AR18-4-060C datasheet linkENCODER OPT 20POS 6"CBL60AR18-4-060CENCODER OPT 20POS 6"CBLOpticalQuadrature (Incremental)20060AR18-4-060C product page link
60AR18-8-060C datasheet linkENCODER OPT 20POS 6"CBL60AR18-8-060CENCODER OPT 20POS 6"CBLOpticalQuadrature (Incremental)20060AR18-8-060C product page link
Published: 2012-09-17