T00 Output Plug System for Power Supplies

GlobTek T00 plug system allows one adapter to support multiple output plugs variations

Image of GlobTek's T00 Output Plug System for Power SuppliesGlobTek's novel T00 plug system allows for rapid shipment of prototype samples or small quantities of common output voltage and current which can fulfill the needs of most common barrel plug specs.

Standard plugs available with the power supply are 1.3 mm I.D. x 3.5 mm O.D. x 11 mm, 2.1 mm I.D. x 5.5 mm O.D. x 12 mm and 2.5 mm I.D. x 5.5 mm O.D. x 12 mm. Additional barrel sizes are sold separately. This system allows for both center positive and center negative polarity.

The T00 adapters are not removable once installed on the cable assembly.

T00 Output Plug System for Power Supplies

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - InputVoltage - OutputCurrent - Output (Max)Available QuantityView Details
RR9KA4500T00-IMR6B datasheet link23W, 5V 4.5A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKTRR9KA4500T00-IMR6B23W, 5V 4.5A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKT90 ~ 264 VAC5V4.5A48 - Immediate
RR9KA4500T00-IMR6B product page link
RR9KA4500T00NAIMR6B datasheet link22.5W, 5V 4.5A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESRR9KA4500T00NAIMR6B22.5W, 5V 4.5A, WALL PLUG-IN+DES90 ~ 264 VAC5V4.5A60 - Immediate
RR9KA4500T00NAIMR6B product page link
RR9KB3865T00NAIMR6B datasheet link23W, 5.95V 3.86A, WALL PLUG-IN+DRR9KB3865T00NAIMR6B23W, 5.95V 3.86A, WALL PLUG-IN+D90 ~ 264 VAC5.95V3.86A48 - Immediate
RR9KB3865T00NAIMR6B product page link
RR9KB6667T00CIMR6B datasheet link40W, 5.95V 6.72A, WALL PLUG-IN+DRR9KB6667T00CIMR6B40W, 5.95V 6.72A, WALL PLUG-IN+D90 ~ 264 VAC5.95V6.72A60 - Immediate
RR9KB6667T00CIMR6B product page link
RR9KC3000T00NAIMR6B datasheet link23W, 7.5V 3A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKTRR9KC3000T00NAIMR6B23W, 7.5V 3A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKT90 ~ 264 VAC7.5V3A48 - Immediate
RR9KC3000T00NAIMR6B product page link
RR9KC6000T00CIMR6B datasheet link45W, 7.5V 6A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKTRR9KC6000T00CIMR6B45W, 7.5V 6A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKT90 ~ 264 VAC7.5V6A59 - Immediate
RR9KC6000T00CIMR6B product page link
RR9KD3330T00NAIMR6B datasheet link30W, 9V 3.33A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKRR9KD3330T00NAIMR6B30W, 9V 3.33A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESK90 ~ 264 VAC9V3.33A60 - Immediate
RR9KD3330T00NAIMR6B product page link
RR9KD6000T00CIMR6B datasheet link54W, 9V 6A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKTOPRR9KD6000T00CIMR6B54W, 9V 6A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKTOP90 ~ 264 VAC9V6A60 - Immediate
RR9KD6000T00CIMR6B product page link
RR9KE3000T00NAIMR6B datasheet link36W, 12V 3A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKTORR9KE3000T00NAIMR6B36W, 12V 3A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKTO90 ~ 264 VAC12V3A53 - Immediate
RR9KE3000T00NAIMR6B product page link
RR9KE5000T00CIMR6B datasheet link60W, 12V 5A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKTORR9KE5000T00CIMR6B60W, 12V 5A, WALL PLUG-IN+DESKTO90 ~ 264 VAC12V5A60 - Immediate
RR9KE5000T00CIMR6B product page link
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T00 Series Plugs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
T-EJ1-95-S(R) datasheet linkADPTR PLUG XCHNGBLE 0.7MMX2.35MMT-EJ1-95-S(R)ADPTR PLUG XCHNGBLE 0.7MMX2.35MM1000 - Immediate
T-EJ1-95-S(R) product page link
T-EJ3-95-S(R) datasheet linkADPTR PLUG XCHNGBLE 1.7MMX4.75MMT-EJ3-95-S(R)ADPTR PLUG XCHNGBLE 1.7MMX4.75MM999 - Immediate
T-EJ3-95-S(R) product page link
T-EJ2-95-S(R) datasheet linkADPTR PLUG XCHNGBLE 1.7MMX4.0MMT-EJ2-95-S(R)ADPTR PLUG XCHNGBLE 1.7MMX4.0MM999 - Immediate
T-EJ2-95-S(R) product page link
T-EJ5-115-S(R) datasheet linkADPTR PLUG XCHNGBLE 6.0MMX6.5MMT-EJ5-115-S(R)ADPTR PLUG XCHNGBLE 6.0MMX6.5MM1000 - Immediate
T-EJ5-115-S(R) product page link
T-EJ4-95-S(R) datasheet linkADPTR PLUG XCHNGBLE 3.3MMX5.5MMT-EJ4-95-S(R)ADPTR PLUG XCHNGBLE 3.3MMX5.5MM1000 - Immediate
T-EJ4-95-S(R) product page link
Published: 2018-10-11