PicoTLynx™ Series Non-Isolated DC/DC Power Converters

2 A point-of-load DC power converters from GE Critical Power

Image of GE Critical Power's ProLynx™ Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter SeriesAs part of the GE Critical Power Total Efficiency™ architecture designed to help organizations go green and cut costs while achieving sustainability objectives, the 2 A PicoTLynx boasts an efficiency of 94.3% with 4.5 VIN and 3.3 VOUT. This POL converter is capable of continuous full-load operation under extreme conditions up to 85°C and no air flow. The ruggedized version of this product is capable of full-load operation at 105°C and no air flow.

The PicoTLynx POL converter for distributed DC power systems is part of the TLynx converter product line, which offers a small form factor, higher current density, excellent thermal performance, and low ripple. Furthermore, the product family is very cost effective and delivers additional system-level, cost-reducing elements such as GE Critical Powers' Tunable Loop™ feature.

Features Applications
  • Very high efficiency and superior thermal performance
  • Cost efficient open frame design
  • Output voltage programmable
  • Remote ON / OFF control
  • Output overcurrent protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • 12 V, 5 V, and 3.3 V intermediate bus architecture
  • Distributed power architectures
  • Data and enterprise networks
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Board mounted power applications
  • Industrial, process, and test equipment


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
APXS002A0X-SRZ datasheet linkPWR MOD DC/DC 0.59-5.5V @ 2A SMDAPXS002A0X-SRZPWR MOD DC/DC 0.59-5.5V @ 2A SMD4845 - Immediate
APXS002A0X-SRZ product page link
APTS003A0X-SRZ datasheet linkCONVERTER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 3AAPTS003A0X-SRZCONVERTER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 3A4217 - Immediate
APTS003A0X-SRZ product page link
APXK004A0X-SRZ datasheet linkCONVERTER DC-DC 0.6 8VDC @ 4AAPXK004A0X-SRZCONVERTER DC-DC 0.6 8VDC @ 4A3397 - Immediate
APXK004A0X-SRZ product page link
APXS006A0X-SRZ datasheet linkCONVERTER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 6AAPXS006A0X-SRZCONVERTER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 6A3221 - Immediate
APXS006A0X-SRZ product page link
APTS006A0X-SRZ datasheet linkCONVERTER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 6AAPTS006A0X-SRZCONVERTER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 6A1923 - Immediate
APTS006A0X-SRZ product page link
APTS006A0X4-SRZ datasheet linkCONVER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 6A SMDAPTS006A0X4-SRZCONVER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 6A SMD719 - Immediate
APTS006A0X4-SRZ product page link
APXS003A0X-SRZ datasheet linkCONVERTER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 3AAPXS003A0X-SRZCONVERTER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 3A1412 - Immediate
APXS003A0X-SRZ product page link
APTH003A0X-SRZ datasheet linkDC-DC 0.6-3.63V @ 3AAPTH003A0X-SRZDC-DC 0.6-3.63V @ 3A779 - Immediate
APTH003A0X-SRZ product page link
APXS003A0X4-SRZ datasheet linkCONVER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 3A SMDAPXS003A0X4-SRZCONVER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 3A SMD658 - Immediate
APXS003A0X4-SRZ product page link
APTS003A0X4-SRZ datasheet linkCONVER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 3A SMDAPTS003A0X4-SRZCONVER DC-DC 0.59 5.5V @ 3A SMD236 - Immediate
APTS003A0X4-SRZ product page link
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Published: 2013-10-17