Conformal Coated AC/DC Power Supply XC Series

Excelsys introduces the conformal coated, XC series of configurable power supply chassis

Image of Excelsys Technologies' Conformal Coated AC/DC Power Supply XC SeriesExcelsys Technologies' Conformal Coated XC series of power supply chassis provide 400 W to 1340 W of power in an extremely compact, 1U package measuring 270 mm x 127 mm. When used with conformal coated modules, the XC series chassis will provide reliable power in harsh environments. Each model offers up to 12 isolated outputs from 1.5 VDC to 58.0 VDC and is fully adjustable. Outputs can be combined in series to reach higher voltages or in parallel for higher currents.

  • Universal AC input voltage range: 85 to 264 VAC
  • UL and CB certified to EN60950 2nd edition
  • High efficiency up to 90%
  • Fully floating outputs
  • RoHS compliant and CE marked
  • Automation equipment
  • Test and measurement
  • Industrial machines
  • Printing

Conformal Modules

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
XG4C datasheet linkCONF MODULE POWER 12-30VDC 10AXG4CCONF MODULE POWER 12-30VDC 10A124 - Immediate
XG4C product page link
XG3C datasheet linkCONF MODULE POWER 6-15VDC 20AXG3CCONF MODULE POWER 6-15VDC 20A90 - Immediate
XG3C product page link
XG5C datasheet linkCONF MODULE POWER 28-58VDC 6AXG5CCONF MODULE POWER 28-58VDC 6A54 - Immediate
XG5C product page link
XG7C datasheet linkCONF MODULE POWER 5-28VDC 5AXG7CCONF MODULE POWER 5-28VDC 5A37 - Immediate
XG7C product page link
XG2C datasheet linkCONF MODULE POWER 3.2-6VDC 40AXG2CCONF MODULE POWER 3.2-6VDC 40A21 - Immediate
XG2C product page link
XG8C product page link
XG1C datasheet linkCONF MODULE POWER 1.5-3.6VDC 50AXG1CCONF MODULE POWER 1.5-3.6VDC 50A6 - Immediate
XG1C product page link

XC Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
XCDC01 datasheet linkCONF POWER CHASSIS 1200W 6 SLOTXCDC01CONF POWER CHASSIS 1200W 6 SLOT4 - Immediate
XCDC01 product page link
XCEC01 datasheet linkCONF POWER CHASSIS 1340W 6 SLOTXCEC01CONF POWER CHASSIS 1340W 6 SLOT8 - Immediate
XCEC01 product page link
XCBC01 datasheet linkCONF POWER CHASSIS 700W 6 SLOTXCBC01CONF POWER CHASSIS 700W 6 SLOT0XCBC01 product page link
Published: 2012-12-27