Digital Pyroelectric for Smart Motion Detection

Excelitas Technologies offers compact design, onboard electronics, and digital output streamline integration for smart devices

Image of Excelitas Technologies' Digital Pyroelectric for Smart Motion DetectionExcelitas Technologies' DigiPyro® is the leading digital pyroelectric infrared detector currently available. With all onboard electronics and compact design, the DigiPyro sets the standard for streamlined integration of smart motion and presence detection.

With next-generation digital signal output, information is displayed in bit form as opposed to mV signals of analog detectors. All electronic circuitry is built-in. Just integrate power supply and power-switching components to make the entire motion switch. Timer and time sensitivity are standard with versions available to include ambient light level and sensitivity adjustments.

Excelitas offers a complete range of DigiPyro pyroelectric infrared detectors in TO metal housings including their dual-element models, PYD 1788 and 1798; four-element, PYQ 2898 and PYQ 5848; as well as "smart" DigiPyro models, PYD 1096 and PYQ 1098, with total motion electronics integration.

Excelitas also offers SMD pyroelectric detectors to facilitate high-volume, SMT-compatible production in critical motion and presence detection applications, including intrusion alarm systems and energy-saving motion-activated automatic light switches. The DigiPyro PYD 5790 is a dual-element pyro in a ceramic-type SMD package that is the smallest of its kind on the market.

  • Reduced cost and space vs. analog detector circuitry
  • Low EMI sensitivity
  • Unique responsivity
  • Range of window sizes
  • TO-5 metal housings
  • SMD housings
  • Growing product range
  • Dual- and triple-channel models
  • Motion sensitive lighting
  • Motion activated switches
  • Night lights and safety lighting
  • Smart home devices
  • Vehicle entry detection
Published: 2016-04-22