Ferrite Cores and Accessories

EPCOS ferrite cores and accessories are ideally used in transformers, filters, inductors, and wireless power

Image of EPCOS' Ferrite Cores and AccessoriesTDK Corporation offers a large selection of cutting-edge, EPCOS brand ferrite cores and accessories. The full product line of materials are suited for, including but not limited to, transformers, output chokes, ballasts, signal (ADSL, SHDSL, VDSL, and splitter) transformers, resonance-circuit filter coils, proximity-switch sensor coils, and EMI suppression such as current-compensated, filter, and data-line chokes. 

EPCOS Core Shapes and Accessories

Ferrite Magnetic Design Tool Ver 5.2.0

  • Industrial electronics
    • SMPS, chargers
    • Converters/inverters for green energy
    • Proximity switches
    • Power applications
    • LED lamps and ballasts
    • EMI suppression
    • Wireless power transfer
  • Information and communications
    • xDSL line cards and modems
    • Base stations (LTE)
    • Mobile phone chargers
  • Consumer electronics
    • Induction cooktops
    • Power supply (DC/DC converters)
  • Automotive electronics
    • DC/DC converters
    • EV/HEV charging converters
    • CAN bus chokes
    • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
    • Passive entry passive start (PEPS)
    • Parking distance sensor (PDC)
    • High-power wireless power transfer

Ferrite Cores and Accessories

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
B64290L0038X038 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE TOROID 4.09UH T38B64290L0038X038FERRITE CORE TOROID 4.09UH T3822869 - Immediate
B64290L0038X038 product page link
B62152A0004X030 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE 2 HOLE 10UH N30B62152A0004X030FERRITE CORE 2 HOLE 10UH N3010659 - Immediate
B62152A0004X030 product page link
B64290L0618X038 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE TOROID 10.7UH T38B64290L0618X038FERRITE CORE TOROID 10.7UH T387535 - Immediate
B64290L0618X038 product page link
B64290L0082X830 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE TOROID 8.7UH N30B64290L0082X830FERRITE CORE TOROID 8.7UH N306509 - Immediate
B64290L0082X830 product page link
B64290L0038X830 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE TOROID 1.76UH N30B64290L0038X830FERRITE CORE TOROID 1.76UH N3011941 - Immediate
B64290L0038X830 product page link
B64290L0038X087 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE TOROID 900NH N87B64290L0038X087FERRITE CORE TOROID 900NH N874543 - Immediate
B64290L0038X087 product page link
B66303G0000X187 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE E N87 1PCB66303G0000X187FERRITE CORE E N87 1PC11342 - Immediate
B66303G0000X187 product page link
B66300G0000X138 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE E T38 1PCB66300G0000X138FERRITE CORE E T38 1PC1944 - Immediate
B66300G0000X138 product page link
B66337G0000X127 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE EC N27 1PCB66337G0000X127FERRITE CORE EC N27 1PC6740 - Immediate
B66337G0000X127 product page link
B62152P0008X030 datasheet linkFERRITE CORE 2 HOLE 3.1UH N30B62152P0008X030FERRITE CORE 2 HOLE 3.1UH N3012327 - Immediate
B62152P0008X030 product page link
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Published: 2016-09-20